Monday, December 26, 2011

More strip projects

The last few of the strip projects are here. First up is a pillow from the Moda Bake Shop. You make a small strip set then cut circles out of the strip set. The circles are then appliqued to a square that will become the front of your pillow. I fused mine and then did a small zigzag stitch around the edges.

Did I mention that I spend a lot of time on the Moda Bake Shop??? I came across this and just had to make it. It is a pattern designed for a Honey Bun ( 1 1/2" strips) but since I used all my honey buns already, I bought yardage and cut my own strips.  Make a strip set. The directions tell you how to cut a template for your triangles. Cut the triangles, sew them together. Bind it . Poof a tiny tree skirt.

I made a section of another quilt from the Edyta Sitar book , Friendship Strips & Scraps
Spools made from strip sets. So fast and fun, once you get all your strip sets made. I just love this book.
It is a great pattern for scraps.

My ironing board cover was really looking awful and I saw the pattern for a cover on the Bake Shop. And it was made with 2 1/2" strips. YES! I made a pretty new cover for my board. It might be just too pretty to iron on.

The last quilt top is also from Edyta Sitar's book. Pretty little baskets made from strip sets. I only made a couple of strips sets so I do not have  a real scrappy look on this one, but I think it works. This one still needs lots of work so it will be on my UFO list for 2012. 

The last project is a purse that is still at the shop. I will have to get a picture of it later.
Happy Stitching

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The last of the precut strip projects

As I mentioned in my last post I did the last session of the precut club the week of December 12th. It was so much fun  to do. Lots of sewing, but lots of fun. In February I will start precuts using charm squares. That should be really great because I am addicted to those little packs of charms. I just can't resist them. I collected a large stack of charm packs. This will be a great way to get into them and make some projects. I will be doing something else new at the shop next year.A Block of the Month for beginners. You know I love those BOMs but it will be totally different to be presenting it. (Wish me luck). I will post more on that later.

The first project of the last session was a quilt carrier. The construction was so easy. It is constructed as a large flat piece and uses a quilt as you go method of construction. Handles are sewn on to the back, casings on the long sides and snaps on the short sides. Some cording goes through the casing on the long sides and you just pull to fit. (Drawstring). snap the top and off you go. This thing is huge and a great way to carry quilts for show and tell, or bindings in progress. The pattern is in the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam & Nicki Lintott

I made this pillow case from the Moda Bake Shop. The cuff is all pieced strips. Sew them together to get the right size then press in half and stitch to the body the the case. You end up with a pretty pillow to sleep on.

This little pincushion was so fast to stitch together. Just a small strip pieced set. Sew to the backing RST and flip it right sides out and stuff. This is from the Moda Bake Shop too. I made 6 of them and used them for door prizes.

I seem to collect bags too. Bags for small projects and big projects. This tote bag was on the Bake Shop as a diaper bag, but why limit its use? It has outside pockets that wrap around the whole bag. You can stitch them to form separate sections whatever size you want. Mine has five sections. That wrap around pocket is made of the strips set.  I though it would be a great travel bag. Or even an everyday purse.

The bag was paired with a coin quilt, so I used the left overs from my strip sets to make a coin quilt too. (OK mine is just a top, but I had lots to sew LOL). It is a nice baby size or lap size quilt. If I were flying I would tuck it into the bag and have my comfy quilt for the flight. (It doesn't really show up well on my white flannel, but you can see the coins.

I will post the rest of the projects soon.
Happy stitching.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas swaps

Lately it seems that I function on deadline at a time. I finished up the third session of the Precuts club on December 14th. What a week. I taught on Sunday. Did precut club Monday evening, Wednesday morning , and Wednesday evening. I also worked Tuesday for my friend who had a bad cold/flu going on.
Thursday evening was our Bee party and gift swap. We all bring food and whoever hosts the party provides 'protien' and desert and drinks.  We had wonderful appetizers and some drinks to start the evening off. I had champagne, why not really celebrate?  After lots of laughing and talking we moved on to dinner of quiche and a variety of delicious salads.

More talking and laughing and then we exchanged gifts. This year we exchanged names (kept who we got a secret) so we knew who we were stitching for. I made a wool table runner. (Forgot to take a picture...ooops). I got a wall hanging of adorable little snowmen tumbling across the ice. I have a snowman collection so this was just a perfect addition. And my friend designed it! She saw a picture that inspired her and she just made the quilt. I knew she was a talented quilter, but I didn't know she could do this!!!

In addition to the swap with my real life friends, I participated in a swap with some on-line friends from the Pat Sloan forum. I made a penny rug of a snowman. I added a few other goodies to the box and sent it off. I got a table runner with the cutest gingerbread girl and boy. I also got a spool holder, a gingerbread candle, a gingerbread spatula. I got a mug warmer and one of those bendable lights in lime green. Funny thing is that I was looking at those lights and had a lime green one in my hand, then I put it down because I was trying to keep on budget. LOL

This week my DD#2 came in from LA for the holidays and that is the best gift of all. We have been busy shopping, talking, looking at Christmas lights, and watching Christmas movies together. My DD#2 has been able to come over almost everyday, so that has added to the fun.

Christmas eve will be at my house with my Aunt, my Dad, and my niece and nephew joining us. Christmas day will be just the girls and I. DH has to work Christmas eve night and Christmas night.
We usually just watch Christmas movies and talk and eat. It is nice to just have a day to relax and enjoy each other.

May you all have the kind of holiday you hope for.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Try again

It seems that bloggerland is full of blog hops and give aways right now. A suggestion was made that I try again after the holidays. So I will do that.
Everyone keep sewing, and baking, and decorating.

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look like Christmas and Giveaways

I have my Santas and my Snowmen out of the boxes and up in the house. The quilts are hanging. I am planning to do the tree this weekend. I have mailed a box already and plan to get another out today. Then I will have just 2 to mail. I am hoping that next week I will finish the shopping and get to relax and enjoy the holidays. ( I made a list, it should work. ;) )
My Santas.

Some of the snowmen.

Quilts on the railing.

I am not sure if I mentioned that when I gave the sweater set to my niece for the new baby, I noticed that I had forgotten the buttons.  It is complete now and I will send it back with the quilt.

I have also been going through my stash and my bins of projects. I have some complete projects, some fabric, and some patterns to give away. I just can't toss them. I hope some one will want them. First up
This cute pattern, the 'petals' and the stream a seam to create the topiary. Added to that, since it is the holidays, is a holiday panel and some companion fabrics.

Leave a comment. I will randomly select a winner on Sunday . I will also post another give away so check back! Happy holidays and as always Happy stitching.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The rest of the strip projects

The rest of the projects that I presented at the precuts, strips session 2. When I saw this on the Moda Bake Shop, I just had to make it. It is a playmat for baby. The pattern actually shows how to make two projects from a single jelly roll. I used scraps from the shop, but it would be cute in any fabric. The second project in the pattern is a smaller version that could be used as a changing pad.

The same designer also has a similar pattern that makes floor pillows. I made my second round into a floor pillow. This pillow is so cute!!! And it is the small one. This would also make a cute bed for a pampered pooch too.

This one is a super fast and easy project and would make a great gift. It is a growth chart from the Bake Shop also. I added the applique for some additional interest. And you can take it with you if you move.

I realized that I missed taking a pictureof the octopus, so just check her out on the Bake Shop and I will try and add her picture to another post.

I also showed some quilts that I think you all have already seen from a couple of different patterns. I will double check my photo gallery and if I haven't posted them yet, I will. (if I remember). LOL
Happy stitching everyone.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trip To Portland

I can not believe how fast time is going. The last week end in October I went to Portland (Oregon) for my niece's wedding. My Sister-in-law was supposed to send me some of the wedding pictures electronically, but I am still waiting. I do have some Portland pictures.
I traveled by myself because the hubs will not fly. I actually think it is easier to travel alone. I flew Chicago to Phoenix and then on to Portland. I rented a car, set my GPS on my new android and took off. I took a small detour to a adorable little village that has a quilt shop (surprise!!!) and a yarn shop and a bead shop.
I just went to the quilt shop and I got a few batik FQs. Then I went on to my SIL's house. We chatted and caught up on all the news and the wedding plans. They had the rehearsal dinner to attend and just the wedding party was invited so I was off to shop. I returned to the village  and bought some yarn and a few beads. Then I went to the other side of town for a visit to another quilt shop. (And a bit more fabric for my stash).
Friday morning I made an airport run to pick up my DD#2 and her friend D. I was so happy to see them. The day flew by and Friday night my SIL had a party for allt of the out of town family to get together. Lots of laughing and food and fun. (Why do I always think of the camera afterwards?)
Saturday was the wedding day but we had most of the day free. DD#2 and D and I took off for downtown Portland to walk around. We walked thru the city and then down to the waterfront. Finally I remembered the camera. Tada the waterfront.

Sam and Doug

From the waterfront looking back at the city.

The evening and the wedding were both wonderful. Hopefully I will have some pics to share soon.

Sunday we just hung out and relaxed and chatted. Monday I left at 5:30AM to head east. SIL too Sam and Doug to the airport in the afternoon. The end to a great trip.
Happy stitching everyone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Precut club part 2A

The second session of the precuts club is all wrapped up and I can show the projects now. BUT before I do that, I need to tell you that my DD went to Vegas over the week end and got married. I am a Mother -in -law. I told K I would try not to be one of 'those' MIL. LOL. They have been together a few years already so he isn't worried. I love them both, and I am excited to add K officially to the family. (More on the wedding later).

The theme of this session is the little ones in our lives. I made this diaper bag ( Moda Bake Shop) in these crazy brights. It would make a great overnight bag or a gym bag as well. Super easy construction. The outside has two giant pockets on the ends and two smaller pockets on the long sides, all on the outside. When I make the next one I will probably make some inside pockets.

The diaper burp cloth and the bib come from Moda Bake Shop as well. It is such a great place to go for tons of free patterns. Anyhoo.. The burp cloth is a cloth diaper with a pieced strip down the center. Easy, fast, and adds some cute to the burp cloth. The bib  looks like a square right? Well it is, but what isn't in the picture is the way you put it on. You get some ribbon or trim of your choice and some mitten clips. Tack the clips onto the ribbon and you have a detachable tie (for lack of a better word) so you can take it off and use another bib , but you only need one tie. (Think those clips the dentist uses to put on the paper bibs, then imagine it with cute ribbon. The other burp cloth is strips pieced, flannel on the back. Sew RST  with a small opening for turning. Turn and top stitch. I just sort of did a pattern, but in my opinion it is way too small. I will try it again only bigger.

I love this chair cover. ( I am getting a  bit more worried that I will feel the need to cover everything in my house with fabric strips). This is another Moda Bake Shop pattern. It is perfect to protect your favorite chair from the mess your favorite fur baby makes on your chair. Or from that baby that needs an even bigger burp cloth. heehee.  Or perhaps your favorite chair is in need of a bit of freshening. This chair cover  is made in sections and then all put together with the seat section. So easy. So fun.

This little bag was a must for me when I saw it on the Bake Shop. It is called the Doggie Doo bag. To put your bags in when you take your dog out for a walk. Now I have to tell you that I would put my keys and cell phone in the bag and some baggies in the pocket.

Lastly I did an apron from the Bake Shop and I love it. You only need 7 strips (2 1/2 inches) and a bit of yardage. Cut the strips in half, and piece them together. Add the hem. Add the top and ties and done!
I got a notion to try to push the pattern, I made a reversible apron. Fall/Thanksgiving on one side and Christmas on the other side. So much fun.

There are more projects so stay tuned. Also upcoming, more on my niece's wedding and my DD wedding too. AND I was going to do a give away when I got to 100 posts, but I am sooo slow at posting these days that I do not think I can wait. :)
Happy stitching everyone.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

A heartfelt thank you to all the Veterans who have served and are serving in the Armed Forces. And hugs and prayers to all of their families who may not wear a uniform, but who serve as well.
Thank you to my Dad who is a career Navy man and a veteran of Korea and Vietnam. I am so grateful that he came back to us when so many did not.
Thank you to my Uncle Dick  who is a career Marine and a veteran of Vietnam.
Thank you to my Uncle Lidge who was a career Marine and a veteran of Vietnam.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More strippy projects

I got up at Dark thirty (OK 4:30) yesterday morning in Portland. Took my rental to the airport and boarded a plane to Denver. I had a three hour lay-over in Denver. Boarded another plane to Chicago. I looked at my boarding pass while in Denver and saw that I booked my flight home into Midway Airport instead of O'Hare. WHAT???? I do not know how I managed that one. I got off the plane in Chicago, grabbed my suitcase and barely made the shuttle bus to O'Hare Airport. After one transfer and one hour I got there.
Grabbed a cab. Home sweet home 8pm CST. (I will post about the trip and the wedding later).

I promised I would show you the rest of stripy projects I made for the presentation. This little cutie was super simple and took only 2 strips. I made one for the baby of one of DD's friends. He liked it so I thought ""why not"? Layer two strips right sides together, round off one end. Sew together and turn right side out.
Stuff with fiberfill. Roll and stitch. Pattern is on Moda's Bake shop.

This is a super simple little runner also on the Moda Bake shop. What I love about it is that you can use more or less strips or even make them wider to fit the table or dresser or buffet you need it to cover. I also changed the technique a bit...I made it as a quilt as you go so it was even faster.

I thought that this would be a really cute hostess gift. Two strips of fabric and a bit of ric rac. I used Halloween fabric because it is that time of year, but any fabric would work. 

This runner is the opposite of fast and easy. It is from Eydita Sitar's book (same one as last post for strip sets). I made a large strip set and all the diamonds were cut from that. You could make several smaller strip sets and get a more scrappy look. All those Y seams were a challenge but I think it turned out pretty well.

The last project is a string quilt. It is from a pattern called Diamond Jubilee by Pieces of My Heart (I think).
Super easy and fast. Makes a cute throw. I used a jelly roll that I had in my precuts drawer for a while. Started it at 9 or 10 pm and cut, stitched, cut, stitched until 2 am. 

It was fun making these projects. The next session is one week from tomorrow. Guess who has not sewn a stitch yet??? I have a plan. :) I will let you know if I can get it all done.

Happy stitching

Friday, October 28, 2011


In between sewing for the demos and trying to work on my BOMs and UFOs I decided that I wanted to take a class. Have you see the easy angle ruler? I bought one after Lisa did a demo of it at the shop this summer. There is a book that goes with it that has 250 different blocks you can do with the ruler. There also separate patterns. I resisted the book, but I got the ruler. Lisa is teaching two classes using the ruler is quarter so I signed up for her class and I picked this pattern:

I used Terrain and light grey fabric. These are my blocks waiting impatiently for me to sew them together. I will as soon as I get home. I promise little blocks. The class was a lot of fun and once you get the hang of the ruler it is just so cool.

You can also spin the blocks around to do that block on the side. So many options.......
See you soon. Go sew !

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's new?

I have been sewing like a crazy woman for a project at work. remember this?

Well this is what it is now.

I made ten projects for the demo, showing what you can do with 2 1/2 strips, 1 1/2 strips either from precuts of your stash/scraps.
I will break them up into a couple of posts. My pictures are terrible but there is just no light here right now.
This is a pillow that I saw on Moda Bake shop and had to try it. Super simple. Sew all the strips together then fold and stitch with elastic thread in the bobbin. Who knew????

I love journals, notebooks, all that stuff, but I also like to personalize them. Here is a journal cover. Also from Moda Bake shop. Strip pieced from a Honey Bun and embellished with a bit of felt. Fast and easy.

 I made this kindle cover from Modas Bake shop as well. I saw in the comments that some wished there was a closure for the cover so I added a snap on one and Velcro on 3 others. I gave three away, one at each presentation.

last one for now...The machine cozy. (Moda Bake Shop) This was so fast and easy. I just love how it looks on my machine. This covering things can be addictive. Wonder what I can cover next?

I need to go pack. I leave at 3 am for Oregon and my Neice's wedding.
Happy stitching everyone.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

5th Anniversary celebration at Quilter's Destination

I can not believe that the shop has been open for five years. I remember hearing about a shop opening in my neighborhood at a guild meeting. I was so excited to be getting a shop 5 minutes from home.  A little less than two years later I was offered a part time job at the shop. I have made so many wonderful friends because of this job. My co-workers of course because we all get along. I belong to a bee because of one of my coworkers and I love it. Last but not least many many customers that I now call friends because of working in the shop.  It really has been my lifeline through all my Dad's illnesses and recoveries and more recently through the loss of my Mom. Thank you to all my wonderful Quilter's Destination friends.

To celebrate the big anniversary, there was a three day sale. 20% off everything!!! Batiks, brand new bolts, tools, books, everything. In addition to the sale, on Saturday we also had food. The owners hubby, her sister and BIL set up a canopy and a grill and made hot dogs and burgers. A hot dog, chips and soda was $1. A burger, chips and a soda $1. We also had cookies, a huge sheet cake, and many other yummy goodies.  I wish we could have gotten pictures, but I swear we were sooo busy, it was all we could do to keep up with the cutting and re shelving fabric. Non-stop. Lots of fun. I did get some pictures not long before the sale so here is the shop:

Patti ( the owner) was also signing magazines on the page where her runner was pictured. Troy fabrics is local (Chicago) and Patti was asked to design a project for a fabric line they were going to launch. She did the table runner. She also did 2 more projects using the next two lines by the same designer. At market Troy used her samples and Quilting Arts saw them and wanted to publish them. The current issue has the first one. It was exciting for all of us to have Patti in the magazine.

There was a private after hours party to celebrate too. Music, more food, wine and tons of fun. We (the shop girls ) ended up doing an impromptu roast that had everyone in tears.

Sunday was the last day of the celebration and for some reason Patti didn't think it would be as busy. I thought they might still be getting lots of business so I went to the shop. My plan was to buy some fabric ( imagine that) and if it was quiet go home. Wellll.... it was not. I stayed and worked the rest of the day.  It was still lots of fun. We usually have the best times when things get hectic. Our customers are the kind that will put bolts back after we cut. They will often say 'you cut, I'll fold'. Makes it so much more fun when we all work together.