Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my U.S. blogger friends a wonderful Thanksgiving Day today. I baked pies last night, 2 pumpkin and one apple praline. We are going to my Aunt's house today so all I have to make is sweet potatoes, cranberries, and dressing. Oh, and a Tofurkey for my daughters who are vegetarians.
Tomorrow my Mother in-law and sister-in law are coming from Oregon. Wednesday my neice-in-law and my great nephew will be here for a few days. Looks like it will be a giant slumber party!

All my bloging buddies that are not here in the U.S. I hope you have a wonderful day too!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Time warp

Did that time change make time speed by faster? Or is it just that the day (light) is so short? Anyway time has been just flying by.
I have been doing some quilting on UFOs that were already basted and just waiting to be finished. I completed the quilting on two wall hangings and just need toget the binding and sleeves on. My goal for this week. I have everything pressed and ready to baste another wallhanging and two table runners. And I have to get working on DD quilt that has been residing untouched on the dining room table sincebefore she went back to school in the fall.
I did do my snowman block for the month.

I also have been slowly working on framing some needle punch and cross stitch pieces that were stitched and put in a project box.

Dad finally got of the hospital and is in rehab again. Hopefully he is on the road to recovery this time.

I better get going on some of my UFOs! Happy stitching everyone.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Thanks to all for the opinions on the border for the pink and black quilt. I really liked that border, but I did not plan on getting border fabric that day. So I did not measure before I left home. Yes, you know what is coming. I did not get enough of the fabric and they did not have any more. I even checked other stores. I found another fabric, I don't like it as well, but if I had never seen the other fabric I would like this one fine, I think. Anyway the top is done, so it goes in the to quilt mountain.

I finished the Hocus Pocusville top, pattern from Crabapple Hill. I love this pattern. I did the embroidery blocks as my own personal BOM last year. I took a close up of my favorite block, the quilt shop. Not sure if I will try to custom quilt it or send it out. Guess I need to think on that for a while.

You might remember this

it is now this. This is from the Teri Atkinson book 'Allegro' also. The blocks are arranged differently. I did this as a leader and ender project. it is so amazing to do a project that way. Almost before you know it you have the blocks done. I need more advise on this one. Border, or no? Any ideas what color(s)? Some of the quilts in the book have borders and some do not.

A couple of little things. This month's Patchabilities for the shop is done. I also finished DD sweater, the one I posted before and then took apart then reknit. Another project done!! Yeah

Happy stitching everyone.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Did everyone have a spooky Halloween? I will share a dirty little secret with you. I spent almost every evening last week watching the 'Halloween' movies. I really prefer thrillers but at Halloween you just gotta have a little Mike Meyers. :)
I did try to fit in a bit of crafty/quilty time in between movies. I stitched this piece a while ago and just got around to getting it framed. I have so cross stitch, needlepoint, and needle punch pieces to get framed. I am trying to get one done each month, so maybe I can get them all finished over time instead of just stacking up more UFOs.

This table square has been on my frame for weeks. I finally got it quilted and bound.I even got it done before Halloween. I used it on a table near the front door with a ceramic pumpkin, a candle holder, and the candy bowl.


I have been working on a sweater for DD#2 for Christmas. I was so excited when I got it done. I took a picture and then (sigh) noticed that I did not like where the shaping ended up on the sweater body. So I took it apart all the way back to just under the armholes. I will be knitting it again.  I am pretty sure I know how to fix the part I didn't like. She picked this yarn out, but doesn't know that I have been working on it.

I need some advise on this last one. I started this a long time ago. I fused all the 'flowers' and then put it away until I had time to machine blanket stitch it. This year I pulled it out and got it all stitched. I pieced the borders and got the pink dots. I did not have the quilt with me when I picked out the pink and black fabric. It caught my eye and so I brought it home. It is totally different than the pattern, but I think I like it. We are all friends, tell me what you think.

Hopefully I will be finishing some UFOs and showing them soon.
Happy stitching.