Thursday, March 21, 2013

Before pics

Hi everyone. Still packing here. I am now well known at the local Goodwill drop off center. I have used up so many trash bags. I even have those huge Construction grade bags as well. The storage space is filling up.

I thought I would share some pics I snapped at the apartment this week. Our "guys" are hard at work in the apartment. So far the whole place looks worse. LOL. They had just finished sanding the hardwood floors in the living room and hallway.

The kitchen is sort of command central. Yes that is the toilet in the kitchen. No that is not where it belongs.

The bathroom is under construction. I really hope the plumber does not hit any delays cause you know where the toilet is right now.

I just couldn't resist showing you my favorite light fixture. ;)

This will be my sewing room. I am going to have to downsize some more I think.

The movers come on Tuesday. I am seriously considering running away from home on Monday.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Moving On

I grew up in a Military family. We usually moved every three years. I always hated leaving my friends, but I looked forward to new friends and new adventures. When I got married we moved about every three or four years. Luckily most of those moves were in the same general area. We did venture down to Florida for four years. 20 years ago we left Florida and headed back to Illinois to family and friends. 19 years ago we bought a house that was a repo and cleaned it up, painted it and settled in.
Recently the DH has been wanting to sell the house and move on. Finally after dragging my feet as long as I could, the house was listed. It sold in 8 days. The buyers want position in 30 days, which is March 31st. I am packing. Not happily. Not looking forward to a new adventure. But packing anyway.
Last year we did a lot of work on the house. My sewing room.

The kitchen isn't bad either.

Leaving it all behind for a tiny apartment with microscopic closets. Hopefully we can find another house to fix up. Maybe the next house will help me stop feeling sad over leaving this house. Well I better suck it up and go pack something. Wish me luck.