Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trip To Portland

I can not believe how fast time is going. The last week end in October I went to Portland (Oregon) for my niece's wedding. My Sister-in-law was supposed to send me some of the wedding pictures electronically, but I am still waiting. I do have some Portland pictures.
I traveled by myself because the hubs will not fly. I actually think it is easier to travel alone. I flew Chicago to Phoenix and then on to Portland. I rented a car, set my GPS on my new android and took off. I took a small detour to a adorable little village that has a quilt shop (surprise!!!) and a yarn shop and a bead shop.
I just went to the quilt shop and I got a few batik FQs. Then I went on to my SIL's house. We chatted and caught up on all the news and the wedding plans. They had the rehearsal dinner to attend and just the wedding party was invited so I was off to shop. I returned to the village  and bought some yarn and a few beads. Then I went to the other side of town for a visit to another quilt shop. (And a bit more fabric for my stash).
Friday morning I made an airport run to pick up my DD#2 and her friend D. I was so happy to see them. The day flew by and Friday night my SIL had a party for allt of the out of town family to get together. Lots of laughing and food and fun. (Why do I always think of the camera afterwards?)
Saturday was the wedding day but we had most of the day free. DD#2 and D and I took off for downtown Portland to walk around. We walked thru the city and then down to the waterfront. Finally I remembered the camera. Tada the waterfront.

Sam and Doug

From the waterfront looking back at the city.

The evening and the wedding were both wonderful. Hopefully I will have some pics to share soon.

Sunday we just hung out and relaxed and chatted. Monday I left at 5:30AM to head east. SIL too Sam and Doug to the airport in the afternoon. The end to a great trip.
Happy stitching everyone.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun-filled time! ---"Love"

  2. It was such a pretty day too...and before Occupy Portland people have made it a mess!!

  3. Portland is a nice place to visit, lots of good things to see. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

  4. I'm wondering what village you went to for shopping. Since I go to OR every year, maybe it is one I'm familiar with, or would like to be familiar with for next time! Hee Hee!

  5. Isn't it nice to visit a strange town with a GPS? You get to see so much more that way unless you're adventurous and don't mind being mostly lost... I'm glad you had such a great time!

  6. I'd like to visit sometime. Glad you had such a great time! ann :-)