Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bits and pieces

Yesterday I taught the second session of the beginning quilting class. Two of my students left with completed tops! (I am not even going to go into the fact that I left the camera at home again) and the other student elected to make her quilt much bigger, so she had all of her blocks together in rows and four rows sewn together. It was really fun working with them. They wanted to know when the class will be to quilt their tops. I guess the boss better get someone else to do that class because you all know how many unquilted tops I have stuffed into my sewing room. LOL

I have worked on my BOM from the store. My wool block is done. I cut the fabric for my swap blocks. I finished a purse. I cut some other fabric for a couple of quilts from some old fabric that has been hanging around here too long. I am very afraid that I am going to have to join the Snowbound BOM, those snowmen are so darn cute. I have tried to resist, but I don't think that I can ( I think I might know why I don't get my tops quilted...LOL).

Both of my girls were here this evening and it is the hubby's day off, so we had a rare occasion, a family dinner.Even more rare I cooked. The girls are vegetarians so it is always a challenge to feed everyone. I made matzo ball soup one pot with chicken stock for us and one pot with veggie stock for them. We also had "fake" chicken strips ( textured protien), mashed potatoes and steamed peas.

Enough for now. Happy sewing everyone. Photos soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Workshops were fun

It has been a busy few days for me. I mentioned that Karen Witt was coming to our guild on Thursday for a presentation and then doing a wool workshop on Friday and another on Saturday. Way back in July of 2009 when our speakers were announced I signed up for both of Karen's workshops. They were both fun and Karen is a very down to earth wonderful person.

 Karen's lecture was very interesting. She really has a great way of presenting the history without being too "history class". Just the right amount of information to be interesting and to make me want to learn more.
Friday's workshop was a wool candle mat.We had a choice of design, either pumpkins or gerniums in baskets. I selected the geraniums. Now did I take my camera? Of course not. Duh. I will take a picture when it is done so you can see it.  When the workshop was over I headed directly to the mall where my daughter's bus  stops.  My daughter came home for spring break. My other daughter came over to see her. It was great to have my girls here together even for a little while.

Saturday, National Quilting Day, I woke to SNOW again. I am glad that I had the second workshop scheduled for the day because that weather wasn't going to make me smile. One of the participants baked brownies and we had fabric so all was well. The project the second day is a pattern called "Tree of Life". Now do you think that I remembered the camera? Noo. I am not a camera person so it rarely occurs to me to take the camera. I like having photos I just am not very good at taking them. (At least with the digital camera I don't have to pay to develop a bunch of pictures of my thumb). LOL. I promise I will charge that thing up and get some photos of the projects.

Yesterday I worked on the workshop projects a little. I also went over to guild buddy's house to look at a mega-quilter that she is selling. I quess it would be considered a mid-arm. I am so excited about the possibilty of getting her machine. I have visions of completed quilts instead of piles of tops. Wouldn't that be exciting!!!? I will keep you posted.

This week my beginning quilters have their second class. They will be putting their quilt top together, hopefully we can get them all done. I am looking forward to helping them get their first top done. (Hey maybe I will remember the camera).

Today I have a Dr. appointment so I better get going. Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another vending event is over for us at the shop. Last week-end we vended at a local Quilt show. I did not see the show, I was working at the shop.  Our next vend will be huge at the International show in Rosemont, Il. I am resting my cutting arm right now. LOL.

Stilll have not done anything about my sewing machine, but my little Brother has been humming along nicely. I will go on line and look for the nearest dealer. If there isn't one reasonably close I have the name of a repair service that I can take it to.:)

I managed to get some sewing done. I got the borders on my Ode to the 30's BOM.  I got started on putting together a BOM from a couple of years ago. The blocks have been done and have been resting with the fnishing kit waiting for me to get to it. I still have to stitch the applique by hand or by machine.  Once I do that I still need to add another light border that will have applique in the corners and then another border of blue. I also pulled out a wool project that I started and stored, a penny rug that I finished. I am trying to get some WIP finished before I start new ones.  (My sister posted on facebook that she has ADOS attention deficit oooh shiny. Guess it runs in the family).

Went to bee last week and although a couple of members were not there we had a good time. I do not think any of us got any work done, but we did enjoy catching up with each other. Our star block swap  was delayed until next month when hopefully everyone will be there.
I taught another class on Wed.  It was the first session of beginners. We went through tools ( the basics) and how to cut  fabric. They cut fabric for their quilt which is a nine patch with an alternate block ( plain square).
They did really well strip piecing and sub-cutting their sections for 9-patch. Then they each made a couple of blocks before they left. They have to finish the blocks for next class , 18 blocks in total. Then at the next session we will put it together. The class sessions are 5 hours and there are two sessions two weeks apart. I took over the class from my boss, so I just had to go with  the plan she had in place.  Tomorrow I am teaching a tote bag. I hope that goes  well. 

This week it is time for quild again. Karen Witt is the speaker. I don't take classes too often beause I usually work on the week-end, but last summer when the speakers were announced I signed up for both of Karen's classes. On Friday I am going to a class on wool, the project is a small  table mat with geraniums on it. I love working with wool and the classes are always fun. Saturday the project is a  quilt called "Tree of Life" and it is probably a bigger project than I need right now, but I am excited  anyway. I will just think of it as a retreat.

Hope everyone has a great week and happy stitching.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tension and other things

I started sewing early this morning and I wore out my machine! All of a sudden I started having some kind of tension problem. Man I hate when that happens. I am sure the poor baby needs cleaning, but the quilt shop where I got my machine is no longer in business. I have a Viking and the Jo-Ann's near me sells and services Vikings, but one of the customers where I work took her machine in and they told her it would be a month before she gets it back. No way! I simply can not live that long without the sewing machine. ( What would my sewing table look like by then!!??)
Luckily I do have another machine. I have an inexpensive Brother that I got because it has the blanket stitch on it. I have used it only once or twice because it takes me so long to get used to a machine that I just feel more comfortable on my Viking. Today the little Brother and I are getting acquainted. So far so good.

I don't know if you remember, but I mentioned a while back that I was in two BOM programs last year. You saw the Fiesta. Today I worked on the other one, Ode to the 30's by Lori Smith. I have the blocks together, just need to get some fabric for the borders and get them on.

I worked on my swap blocks and I just need to get the framing on them and they will be done. I also finished one of the bags that was on my cutting table. I confess that I put away a couple of the projects so it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

I work tomorrow and Thursday I have to take my older daughter to the hospital for an injection in her back. Sadly, the surgery she had in October did not take care of all of her pain. Please send her good thoughts on Thursday, she needs  them.

Have a good rest of the week and happy stitching