Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's new?

I have been sewing like a crazy woman for a project at work. remember this?

Well this is what it is now.

I made ten projects for the demo, showing what you can do with 2 1/2 strips, 1 1/2 strips either from precuts of your stash/scraps.
I will break them up into a couple of posts. My pictures are terrible but there is just no light here right now.
This is a pillow that I saw on Moda Bake shop and had to try it. Super simple. Sew all the strips together then fold and stitch with elastic thread in the bobbin. Who knew????

I love journals, notebooks, all that stuff, but I also like to personalize them. Here is a journal cover. Also from Moda Bake shop. Strip pieced from a Honey Bun and embellished with a bit of felt. Fast and easy.

 I made this kindle cover from Modas Bake shop as well. I saw in the comments that some wished there was a closure for the cover so I added a snap on one and Velcro on 3 others. I gave three away, one at each presentation.

last one for now...The machine cozy. (Moda Bake Shop) This was so fast and easy. I just love how it looks on my machine. This covering things can be addictive. Wonder what I can cover next?

I need to go pack. I leave at 3 am for Oregon and my Neice's wedding.
Happy stitching everyone.


  1. I sure would like to come to your demos!! I will be checking Moda Bake Shop for directions. Have a fun and safe trip to Oregon. :)

  2. All the projects are cute as can be. I want to hear more about elastic thread on the bobbin when you have time! Enjoy the wedding. ---"Love"

  3. Great projects! I wonder what else you've made... And a 3am departure time? Yuck! Enjoy the wedding!

  4. You projects are fantastic! I want to see more!


  5. All of your projects are great! Have a nice time at the wedding. From looking at Oregon webcams this morning, depending on where in Oregon you are headed, it could be cold! Stay warm and have fun!

  6. Love your projects! They are all really neat. The log cabin is just darling and I have been thinking about making a laptop cover similar to the kindle cover you made. Maybe one of these days! Have fun in Oregon - I'm jealous!

  7. Moda Bakeshop has lots of super projects/patterns. The sewing machine cover is pretty cool. I like the shape. Have a safe trip and wonderful time at the wedding. ann :-)