Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and catching up

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy 2015.

This time I am not surprised that it has been so long since I posted.  It seemed that being unable to walk was going to be the worst of my recovery. Actually each phase had its own challenges. It was pretty painful to start walking again without the boot. And do not even get me started on Physical Therapy. I am sort of half kidding about therapy. My therapists were great and I don't think that I would be walking as well as I am without them pushing me along. Yesterday was my last day of therapy. Now I have to keep up my exercises at home.

While I was stuck at home I worked on a couple of wool projects that were started and then just put away. One was about half stitched and still needed wool pennies made and sewn on. The other needed all the hand stitching done.  The penny rug was not done the same as I have done before and I just didn't like how they were looking. I took them off and just stitched the back onto the wool. Not my favorite piece, but it is done. The second one I want to get framed.

Over the last few weeks I did a crochet along. I have not really done much crochet in years. Hardly any in fact. I wasn't sure that I could finish this blanket, but it was so bright and happy that I had to play along. I actually kept up and finished the final round of the edging this week. Gasp...

Pat Sloan is hosting her New Years luau again this year. (Virtual luau of course). The challenge this year, working on those pesky UFOs..  I worked on a quilt called Traffic Jam, it is a free pattern on Pat's site. The sashing was added and then the center of the top put together.  I still have to calculate how many pieces I need to make the pieced borders.

I also pulled out the center of the sew along quilt that I started last year.  Randy of Barrister's Block and Lori of Humble Quilts collaborated on this quilt and hosted the sew along. Instructions are still available on their blogs. (Check June 2013). I got the first pieced border sewn and put on. There is also a narrow plain border on it. I still have another pieced border, a narrow border, and an applique border to get done and onto the top.  I plan to keep it moving.

This little cutie is a pattern that I did as a block of the month. It is Garden Baskets by Primitive Gatherings. I finished the applique blocks on schedule and have them sewn together. This one will have a pieced border too. What the heck?  Are they UFOs because of the pieced borders?

Hoping to blog more often this year.
Happy Stitching,