Monday, June 17, 2013

The week in review

Last week was a really busy one. It flew by in a nanosecond. OK maybe not that fast. No sewing happened at all either. My younger DD flew in from LA on Tuesday night. She came in to be a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding on Friday night.
We spent hours at a salon on Wed. getting DD's hair done. She has dark hair, but keeps it a very white blond color currently. When she called to schedule the appointment they said, oh no problem. We went there because our cousin works there and is a great colorist, but she was off that day and nothing else worked with the events surrounding the wedding. As we left it was sort of getting overcast. We went dress shopping for a dress for the rehearsal dinner. Later my other DD came over to practice doing wedding make-up.
Thursday we  woke up late and hung out and chatted until it was time for her to get ready for the rehearsal. After washing her hair she had what she described as a level 3 melt down. We had noticed that in places her roots looked a bit gold. Well.... it wasn't just in places. And gold roots and white hair is not a pretty look. She wore her adorable new dress and shoes. She wore a scarf around her head that covered the offending roots up front. While she was out I called my cousin and told her about the hair drama. She told me what kind of toner to get and what to do. Gulp. (Considering I have lots of pictures of me sporting very brassy blond hair I was scared).
Friday morning I shook DD out of bed early and we went to the beauty supply store for supplies. The nicest guy was working and he made sure we had everything we needed. (Except experience).
Back home I mixed the stuff and snapped on some gloves and got to work. I made her go shampoo a bit too soon so the roots were toned down but still a bit goldish. I reapplied and left the room. We waited the longest possible time and she showered and washed her hair again. It came out blond. The roots a bit darker than the rest of her hair but at least the same color. Crisis averted.
DD after the ceremony writing well wishes to the happy couple. Then taping her congratulations.

At the crack o'morn Sunday we were on the way to the airport so she could head back to LA :(

Later we went too DH cousin's home for a Father's Day celebration. Our Older daughter joined us there. This is the view coming out of the kitchen door.

A close up of the pool.

DD sitting on the diving board.

DD (on her phone) with the tennis court/basketball court behind her.

This week I need to rest up from last week.
Happy stitching.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A few odds and ends

The first Block of the Month, McKenna Ryan's Heaven and Earth kicked off last week. You saw the snow bear and his bear buddies and that is the first block we are doing. I did get the second block ready for a sneak peek at the kick off.

Due to low enrollment, the start of the Beginner Block of the Month has been delayed by one month. I don't think I posted the pattern yet. It is called Cobblestones and is very traditional, but using the shop's bright pallet.

Here is the first row ready and hoping more quilters want to join in. Bad picture, will try for a better one later.

I have block 2 of Pat Sloan's Block of the Month fused. I still need to stitch it down. I also need to get going on block three.

I also have two more Bunny Hill blocks done. There blocks are so cute. And pretty fast. Just love them.

I have not forgotten about the tease on the awesome bags. Coming soon I promise. I need to get some pictures for you.
Happy Stitching!