Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A little sewing

I have been just so bad about blogging. It seems like I am not getting much done so there is not much to blog about. I have been working on a few things so I will share those things with you.
Pat Sloan started a few projects rather close together and of course I wanted to do them all.
The one that has actually gotten worked on is a year in applique from Pat's book New Ideas for Applique . You know how I love a Block of the Month. The two most recent blocks:
Once in a blue moon

and Candy Corn Toss.

There is still a ways to go, we did not start at the beginning of the year. I am also working on her pattern "Traffic Jam" which was a free pattern Pat had in her newsletter. That I am working on as a leader and ender.  Hopefully soon I will have something to show on that project.

I as still working on the McKenna Ryan BOM at the shop. Here is the third block. I still need to get pictures of the next two. I am working on the last block then it will be time to get it all together.

We had gotten a book by Tula Pink in the shop 100 blocks and I wanted it, but I resisted. Then I found a sew along in the blogs and I caved in. I bought the book, raided my stash, and went shopping for more fabric. (And more and more, but I digress) True to form, I did not start right away. Wow does a week fly by fast. Before I knew what happened I was weeks behind. I made a plan. I worked on the current week's blocks and blocks from the beginning. In a few weeks I caught up. I won't show you all those photos but I will share a couple.

I bought a piece of pink foam insulation when I was doing my layout for the quilt show and I plan to wrap it in either batting or flannel and  nail it to the wall for a design wall. Any thoughts on what to use? Hopefully soon I can put up the Tula blocks and see how it is looking.

I am also cutting DD's quilt that has been on the to do list way too long. I really must get a handle on those pesky UFOs.

Later and happy stitching