Thursday, November 17, 2011

Precut club part 2A

The second session of the precuts club is all wrapped up and I can show the projects now. BUT before I do that, I need to tell you that my DD went to Vegas over the week end and got married. I am a Mother -in -law. I told K I would try not to be one of 'those' MIL. LOL. They have been together a few years already so he isn't worried. I love them both, and I am excited to add K officially to the family. (More on the wedding later).

The theme of this session is the little ones in our lives. I made this diaper bag ( Moda Bake Shop) in these crazy brights. It would make a great overnight bag or a gym bag as well. Super easy construction. The outside has two giant pockets on the ends and two smaller pockets on the long sides, all on the outside. When I make the next one I will probably make some inside pockets.

The diaper burp cloth and the bib come from Moda Bake Shop as well. It is such a great place to go for tons of free patterns. Anyhoo.. The burp cloth is a cloth diaper with a pieced strip down the center. Easy, fast, and adds some cute to the burp cloth. The bib  looks like a square right? Well it is, but what isn't in the picture is the way you put it on. You get some ribbon or trim of your choice and some mitten clips. Tack the clips onto the ribbon and you have a detachable tie (for lack of a better word) so you can take it off and use another bib , but you only need one tie. (Think those clips the dentist uses to put on the paper bibs, then imagine it with cute ribbon. The other burp cloth is strips pieced, flannel on the back. Sew RST  with a small opening for turning. Turn and top stitch. I just sort of did a pattern, but in my opinion it is way too small. I will try it again only bigger.

I love this chair cover. ( I am getting a  bit more worried that I will feel the need to cover everything in my house with fabric strips). This is another Moda Bake Shop pattern. It is perfect to protect your favorite chair from the mess your favorite fur baby makes on your chair. Or from that baby that needs an even bigger burp cloth. heehee.  Or perhaps your favorite chair is in need of a bit of freshening. This chair cover  is made in sections and then all put together with the seat section. So easy. So fun.

This little bag was a must for me when I saw it on the Bake Shop. It is called the Doggie Doo bag. To put your bags in when you take your dog out for a walk. Now I have to tell you that I would put my keys and cell phone in the bag and some baggies in the pocket.

Lastly I did an apron from the Bake Shop and I love it. You only need 7 strips (2 1/2 inches) and a bit of yardage. Cut the strips in half, and piece them together. Add the hem. Add the top and ties and done!
I got a notion to try to push the pattern, I made a reversible apron. Fall/Thanksgiving on one side and Christmas on the other side. So much fun.

There are more projects so stay tuned. Also upcoming, more on my niece's wedding and my DD wedding too. AND I was going to do a give away when I got to 100 posts, but I am sooo slow at posting these days that I do not think I can wait. :)
Happy stitching everyone.


  1. Gal, you are just getting too creative! Every one of those projects is just too cute! I've never seen anyone around here carrying plastic dog poop bags; from the looks of my front yard, I'd guess they never heard of such things! (A little red chili pepper sprinkled on the poop does the trick when they come back a second time though! tee hee!)
    I'm going to have to check out that Moda site! You just keep showing us neat things! ---"Love"

  2. Everything is so cute! Those are great projects. Congratulations to your DD and K, too.

  3. You have been productive and creative! Congrats to your aughter :) I'm sure you will be a lovely MIL :)

  4. have been so busy...great projects!!

  5. I tried to comment yesterday, but the comment block wouldn't come up on yours or anyone else's blog. Your projects are great! I take it you didn't go to the wedding? Is this the daughter I met - I'm assuming so. Congratulations!

  6. Fantastic projects! My word Beth you are really have the creative juices flowing. ann :-)