Thursday, January 31, 2013

What on earth have I been doing?

Coming fast on the heels of the wedding reception was Christmas. At the same time we were planning the next set of classes for the shop. Of course new classes means new samples. There were also some patterns we got at market that we wanted to get samples made for and up in the shop.
All the shop girls sewed like crazy to get everything done. (except me, I still need borders on two quilts). I am a baaad girl.
One of the new classes that I will be teaching is a chevron quilt called Party Girl. This will be a follow up for beginners. The quilt is giant HST. It was a lot of fun to sew! I think I will make another with more colors and maybe smaller HST.

Another new class is a string quilt. The pattern is Wrapped up in Memories by Bonnie of Bonnie and Camille. I am using the pattern for the basics of string piecing and then adding in more string ideas . I think it will be fun. And I can use up some of my strings making sample blocks for class. For the class sample I used a jelly roll and just trimmed to different sizes. It is missing a border too.

The last new class I will be teaching is basic embroidery. I plan to do some straight lines for them to sew on to learn the stitches. Then they will get this design to stitch if they want to. We have had a lot of customers who want to do some cute stitching projects but say they don't know how.

We also have some really cute bag classes coming up. Maybe if I take the class I will actually make the bag?? I will ask permission to post those bags.

I enjoy keeping up with all my blogging friends and what they are doing. I hope to get back into regular personal sewing and regular posts here too.
Stay tuned.
happy Stitching

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some wedding pictures

I wasn't able to post pictures the other day for some reason, but I think it is sorted out now.

My family

the venue, Friendship Park Conservatory

the happy couple

Friday, January 4, 2013

Highlights of 2012

2012 flew by in record time. It seems like every year time speeds by faster and faster. No wonder I always have stuff left on the to do list. Time is going faster and I am going slower. LOL

2012 started off with one of those projects that starts out simple enough and just keeps growing. We set out to have a bit of painting done around the house. (And it needed it). Before it was all over the entire house was painted. We had a new kitchen. My sewing room lost paneling and I got new furniture. Add in a bit of new flooring and some new window treatments and the house looks new.

I went to quilt market twice!!! Spring market in Kansas City and Fall market in Houston. The energy and excitement is really hard to describe. I enjoyed every single minute of both markets. It is so cool to see all the fabric that is not out yet. Meeting designers, authors, and quilt celebrities left me a bit star struck.

The fall brought family together for the vow renewal and reception of DD and SIL. It was a wild and crazy time for me. Two days after Thanksgiving might not be the best timing for such a big event. ;)
The total number of house guests 11. (No I do not have a big house) Total number at Thanksgiving at my house 37. The vow renewal was lovely as was the venue.
Have tried all day to get photos of the bride and groom with no luck. Will try to again next post.

The year ended with a quiet Christmas. And and even quieter New year. Quiet is good.

On to 2013. Wonder what it will bring.
Happy New Year