Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have been really baaad

I really have quiter's ADD right now. I keep starting things and then drifting off onto something new. Right now on my cutting table there are three bags in progress, a small table topper that was for a Christmas exchange but I changed my mind and did something different. There is a charm pack and paper to paper piece it into a mini. There is scrap fabric I pulled to make some little notebook covers ( untouched since pulling) and some charm squares to make a couple of sissors keepers. At my feet is a BOM that I did 2 years ago but never put it together and a paper pieced project that has been all over the sewing room for ages. I have a table runner that needs over 100 yo-yos appliqued on sitting on my extra little table. Still I keep buying stuff from the store for more projects.
(It is really dark today so my pictures are not coming out even with the flash. I will post later). This week I bought a new book and some piles of fat quarters. It doesn't help that we are getting tons of new fabric in. I have to get a grip here or I will not be able to see the top of my cutting table anymore, then  I will never finish anything.
I did get a couple of things done this week. I quilted the birthday cake mini. I ended up doing it on the machine in black thread. I cross hatched the background, I also did the cupcake that I haven't posted. I quilted it the same as the cake mini. I also quilted a table runner that I started last year ( intended to be a Christmas gift but, didn't get it done) . I have 4 gold and white table runner tops and 3 silver and white ones. I have quilted 2 of the gold and white ones. The other 2 are layered. Now I am just working on the bindings. At least I will have them done for Christmas 2010! (Maybe).
I also finished a needle punch piece I started a while back and I did a small cross stitch piece that will be a gift if I get it framed.
This week I have my block swap blocks to do (and I will), the applique BOM starts at the shop where I work, and it is time to pick up the next block of the wool BOM I am doing. Do you think I need another project? Maybe I will stop sleeping til I catch up.LOL.

Happy sewing everyoe.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another class done!

Today was the paper piecing class. It was a lot of fun. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but it went well and everyone left with at least one block of their project finished. I look forward to teaching the class again.
  I also made a couple of samples for the shop. This was made using a charm pack plus sashing and a border. The fabric is Verna by Kate Spain for Moda. Still not sunlight so the flash really washes out the colors which are very fun.

I also needed to make a bag, but I was suffering so much anxiety about geting the directional fabric correct that I ended up getting some fabric and making a practice bag. So I finished two bags. That means that I got a gift done for Christmas. The blue bag  is the sample.

The last project that I worked on was a pattern from Terri Atkinson called "just between friends". This is #1 from the fat quarters I cleaned out of my stash. Now I just need to get some quilting done.

That's it for me for now.
Have a great week.        Beth

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Already?

Another week has flown by. We have been busy at the shop, cutting lots of fabric and making up kits, kits kits. We are vending at the guild meeting this week, a local quilt show next month, and (WOW) the International Quilt Show in April. We are really excited about all these upcoming events and everyone is busy sewing samples.
In addition to the vending events, our BOM programs are being launched and the new classes have begun. I taught the toothbrush rug class yesterday and it was a great group. I normally do not teach many different classes, but this quarter I am teaching "My First Quilt", a tote bag, beginning paper piecing, and possibly another toothbrush class. It is kind of scary to take over some of the classes that other instructors have done. The toothbrush class was easy because I am the only one who knows how to do the rugs. LOL. Makes me the resident expert. Still LOL. Harder to step into some one else's shoes. Wish me luck.
My younger daughter was home from school this weekend. It is always fun to catch up with her and just have her around for a couple of days. Both girls were here today for a while so that was an extra bonus for me. I am always sad to see them go off again.
Well I have samples to finish and piles on my cutting table so I better get to work organizing for the week. Hope everyone has a good week. Will post photos when I get some stuff done.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lost week

This week flew by in a flash. Actually more like a long nap. I have some health problems so this week involved a lot of time on the couch. Now I like to nap as well as anybody, but this was rediculous!
I did get a little work done on  couple of projects.
This is a mini I started a while ago. I started to hand quilt it, but the black on black was impossible to see. I picked out what little I got done. I am either going to cross hatch by machine or change to a dark grey and see if I can see that well enough and hand quilt as planned.
There is another mini with the same borders that I just need backing for. It is a cupcake.
Black batting is hard to find, so I am using flannel in these two.

The basket top is done. The flash really washes out the colors.If we ever see the sun again I'll take a photo. I hand quilted the first one, I am not sure how I will do this one.
 I mentioned the BOMs that I was doing last year. One of them was called Fiesta and  it was done thru the shop I work at part time. I got the top together.

Here it is. Very different from the baskets hu?
I love the colors. The spikes were paper pieced.
It was fun to work on. Glad that I had the whole year.
 This year the BOM is applique. The pattern is Hop To It  by Eydita Sitar (not sure if the spelling is correct). I think I might have to give it a try!

Have a good week. Hppy quilting.   Beth