Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I got to my camera!

I climbed the mountain of stuff, risking life and limb (a little dramatic license) to get to the camera so I could start blogging again.  In January the DH announced that we were having the whole house painted. Told me to pick the colors. Then the chaos began.
The painter started with the bedrooms. So everyday after he was done I would have to empty another room. Or as much of it as I could. That was not much fun espicially in DD room. It was all going pretty smoothly until the bedrooms were done.
Then DH started adding more and more to the list of things to be done. He also told the painter if he got other jobs to take them and we would wait. Another decision not discussed with me.Anywho... the painter started coming maybe twice a week.  All at the same time the living room and dining room and kitchen and family room were torn up. Not many places left to go. I didn't mind cause I just went into the sewing room and worked on projects for work demos and classes.

Then he told me he was going to do the sewing room. It still isn't done and it has been 3 weeks. Lucky for me what is left is painting the closet and some trim that isn't finished. He can't get back here until Thursday. I am not waiting for that closet to get painted. I have moved all my quilting and knitting books back into the room. Later today the closet stuff will start going back in as well. Must.have.my.room.back. For my sanity.

I wish I could say that we have one room done but we don't. LOL I am getting new window treatments but making choices for the whole house at once is a bit overwhelming. I am sure that we will get there someday. Hopefully I am at least done moving the contents of the house from room to room.
I also noticed that this is my 100th post. Stay tuned I will be doing a giveaway this week.
Happy Stitching