Monday, December 26, 2011

More strip projects

The last few of the strip projects are here. First up is a pillow from the Moda Bake Shop. You make a small strip set then cut circles out of the strip set. The circles are then appliqued to a square that will become the front of your pillow. I fused mine and then did a small zigzag stitch around the edges.

Did I mention that I spend a lot of time on the Moda Bake Shop??? I came across this and just had to make it. It is a pattern designed for a Honey Bun ( 1 1/2" strips) but since I used all my honey buns already, I bought yardage and cut my own strips.  Make a strip set. The directions tell you how to cut a template for your triangles. Cut the triangles, sew them together. Bind it . Poof a tiny tree skirt.

I made a section of another quilt from the Edyta Sitar book , Friendship Strips & Scraps
Spools made from strip sets. So fast and fun, once you get all your strip sets made. I just love this book.
It is a great pattern for scraps.

My ironing board cover was really looking awful and I saw the pattern for a cover on the Bake Shop. And it was made with 2 1/2" strips. YES! I made a pretty new cover for my board. It might be just too pretty to iron on.

The last quilt top is also from Edyta Sitar's book. Pretty little baskets made from strip sets. I only made a couple of strips sets so I do not have  a real scrappy look on this one, but I think it works. This one still needs lots of work so it will be on my UFO list for 2012. 

The last project is a purse that is still at the shop. I will have to get a picture of it later.
Happy Stitching

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The last of the precut strip projects

As I mentioned in my last post I did the last session of the precut club the week of December 12th. It was so much fun  to do. Lots of sewing, but lots of fun. In February I will start precuts using charm squares. That should be really great because I am addicted to those little packs of charms. I just can't resist them. I collected a large stack of charm packs. This will be a great way to get into them and make some projects. I will be doing something else new at the shop next year.A Block of the Month for beginners. You know I love those BOMs but it will be totally different to be presenting it. (Wish me luck). I will post more on that later.

The first project of the last session was a quilt carrier. The construction was so easy. It is constructed as a large flat piece and uses a quilt as you go method of construction. Handles are sewn on to the back, casings on the long sides and snaps on the short sides. Some cording goes through the casing on the long sides and you just pull to fit. (Drawstring). snap the top and off you go. This thing is huge and a great way to carry quilts for show and tell, or bindings in progress. The pattern is in the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam & Nicki Lintott

I made this pillow case from the Moda Bake Shop. The cuff is all pieced strips. Sew them together to get the right size then press in half and stitch to the body the the case. You end up with a pretty pillow to sleep on.

This little pincushion was so fast to stitch together. Just a small strip pieced set. Sew to the backing RST and flip it right sides out and stuff. This is from the Moda Bake Shop too. I made 6 of them and used them for door prizes.

I seem to collect bags too. Bags for small projects and big projects. This tote bag was on the Bake Shop as a diaper bag, but why limit its use? It has outside pockets that wrap around the whole bag. You can stitch them to form separate sections whatever size you want. Mine has five sections. That wrap around pocket is made of the strips set.  I though it would be a great travel bag. Or even an everyday purse.

The bag was paired with a coin quilt, so I used the left overs from my strip sets to make a coin quilt too. (OK mine is just a top, but I had lots to sew LOL). It is a nice baby size or lap size quilt. If I were flying I would tuck it into the bag and have my comfy quilt for the flight. (It doesn't really show up well on my white flannel, but you can see the coins.

I will post the rest of the projects soon.
Happy stitching.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas swaps

Lately it seems that I function on deadline at a time. I finished up the third session of the Precuts club on December 14th. What a week. I taught on Sunday. Did precut club Monday evening, Wednesday morning , and Wednesday evening. I also worked Tuesday for my friend who had a bad cold/flu going on.
Thursday evening was our Bee party and gift swap. We all bring food and whoever hosts the party provides 'protien' and desert and drinks.  We had wonderful appetizers and some drinks to start the evening off. I had champagne, why not really celebrate?  After lots of laughing and talking we moved on to dinner of quiche and a variety of delicious salads.

More talking and laughing and then we exchanged gifts. This year we exchanged names (kept who we got a secret) so we knew who we were stitching for. I made a wool table runner. (Forgot to take a picture...ooops). I got a wall hanging of adorable little snowmen tumbling across the ice. I have a snowman collection so this was just a perfect addition. And my friend designed it! She saw a picture that inspired her and she just made the quilt. I knew she was a talented quilter, but I didn't know she could do this!!!

In addition to the swap with my real life friends, I participated in a swap with some on-line friends from the Pat Sloan forum. I made a penny rug of a snowman. I added a few other goodies to the box and sent it off. I got a table runner with the cutest gingerbread girl and boy. I also got a spool holder, a gingerbread candle, a gingerbread spatula. I got a mug warmer and one of those bendable lights in lime green. Funny thing is that I was looking at those lights and had a lime green one in my hand, then I put it down because I was trying to keep on budget. LOL

This week my DD#2 came in from LA for the holidays and that is the best gift of all. We have been busy shopping, talking, looking at Christmas lights, and watching Christmas movies together. My DD#2 has been able to come over almost everyday, so that has added to the fun.

Christmas eve will be at my house with my Aunt, my Dad, and my niece and nephew joining us. Christmas day will be just the girls and I. DH has to work Christmas eve night and Christmas night.
We usually just watch Christmas movies and talk and eat. It is nice to just have a day to relax and enjoy each other.

May you all have the kind of holiday you hope for.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Try again

It seems that bloggerland is full of blog hops and give aways right now. A suggestion was made that I try again after the holidays. So I will do that.
Everyone keep sewing, and baking, and decorating.

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look like Christmas and Giveaways

I have my Santas and my Snowmen out of the boxes and up in the house. The quilts are hanging. I am planning to do the tree this weekend. I have mailed a box already and plan to get another out today. Then I will have just 2 to mail. I am hoping that next week I will finish the shopping and get to relax and enjoy the holidays. ( I made a list, it should work. ;) )
My Santas.

Some of the snowmen.

Quilts on the railing.

I am not sure if I mentioned that when I gave the sweater set to my niece for the new baby, I noticed that I had forgotten the buttons.  It is complete now and I will send it back with the quilt.

I have also been going through my stash and my bins of projects. I have some complete projects, some fabric, and some patterns to give away. I just can't toss them. I hope some one will want them. First up
This cute pattern, the 'petals' and the stream a seam to create the topiary. Added to that, since it is the holidays, is a holiday panel and some companion fabrics.

Leave a comment. I will randomly select a winner on Sunday . I will also post another give away so check back! Happy holidays and as always Happy stitching.