Monday, August 13, 2012

Sewing room reno

I posted some pictures while my house was in major mess mode. I never posted pictures of any of the finished rooms. I thought you might like to see my new sewing room.
First some pictures of the before room. My favorite part is the dark paneling (NOT). All dark brown everything. Sewing table is a card table. ( Don't sew fast). I would like to say that the room looks like this because the house is under massive reno, but that would be a lie. The picture is from way before we started.

While we were having work done on the house, the DH and I went to IKEA. My wish list got really long while I was there. I did get some things for my room and I love my new space.
Two tables replace the card table and the old desk that was in the room.

I moved all D's books. Some are stored. Some went the half price book store. (I gave her the money).
Now I have more room for my books. ;)

The old carpet went and I have an easy to clean floor and a throw rug.

Storage from Target holds my yarn projects and my wool kits. (More yarn and wool in the closet).

Add the iPod docking station and I am one happy sewer.

Later.....Happy stitching

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cousin Quilts

My Mom was from a family of eleven. So I have a whole lot of first cousins just on that side of the family.  Grandma and Grandpa Mc's house was always "home" to my Mom no matter where we lived.  When I was growing up holidays meant family gatherings and that meant playing with my cousins. Seeing them was always the best part of the holiday for me.
Sometimes we would go to the movies in the afternoon. We went bowling, played softball, went to the park. We ran around Grandma and Grandpa's like little maniacs. There was always, hugs, kisses, and laughter.
Like most families these days, we don't get together for holidays anymore (except Christmas). We are spread out from California to Texas to Wisconsin....well you get it right? But when we see each other it is like no time has passed at all. A lot of us are friends on facebook LOL.
I just wanted to explain why my cousins are so very special to me. Why you might ask? Lat year when my Mom died, a couple of my cousins told me that they still have the baby blankets that I crocheted for their kids and that they still use them. I was surprised and touched. I decided that I was going to give each of my first cousins a quilt. (Also my Aunts and Uncles on Mom's side of the family). That will be 29 quilts. (Sadly some the cousins have passed away already and a couple I am not in contact with) .Then I will work on the other side of the family, which is MUCH smaller. And of course the closest in law cousins.
The first three quilts left for the cousins last week.

The hubs is not the best quilt holder. ;)

I know the quilts will have good homes. I hoped they will be loved and enjoyed.

Happy stitching.