Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time seems to be racing by and I am trying to keep up with it.  Not sure that I am having any success, but I keep trying.  The DH got his cast of this week and is now in a boot. He still is not supposed to walk on it, but he does.  DD#1 is slowly recovering from her back surgery. She got her staples out this week so that is a bit of progress. She is ready to start sewing! I got her a sewing machine for Christmas and promised her sewing lessons when she was ready for them.  We never got started before surgery, but she is ready to start doing some simple projects and learning her machine.

Despite the best of intentions, I am way behind on my gift giving already this year. I missed 3 birthdays and I 'owe' 4 baby quilts. I had a top made for one of the blankets, but never got a backing I liked. This weekend JoAnn fabric had  ultra plush on sale so I bought some for backings. Now I just need to get it quilted. I made two charm square blankets with the Pure charm pack. One is for a project at work and the other is for my DD's friend who has a 6 week old baby boy. ( All of the baby blankets are for boys).

I got the borders on my BOM guilt from the book Hop to It. Here is the book

Here is my quilt. The design wall is full, so the photo isn't very good, but I will try and get a better one taken when I get the wall cleaned off.

I finally got started on this quilt  (I posted the photo awhile ago, I won the patterns from Lori of Humble Quilts).

Here is the fabric:

Now if I can just get them sewn.

Stay warm and keep stitching everyone!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A quick hello

Not much sewing happening around my house these days. I just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know I am around and trying read the blogs everyday.

I have been busy with the hubby in a cast, he is supposed to be non-weight bearing, but he is walking on it around the house. Last Friday my DD#1 had a second back surgery. She had fusions at two levels with implants. Pain management has been a huge problem . After a few very long days in the hospital, I took her home on Tuesday. I will be happy once she is more mobile and in less pain.

I did finish teaching another class of beginners at the shop. One of them made a whole quilt and another top in between sessions  2 and 3. Another one came in on Tuesday and signed up for more classes and got more fabric. I do believe we have two more quilt addicts to add to our numbers!!!

Sorry no photos this time.
Happy Stitching