Sunday, July 25, 2010

More mail!

Usually I am in no hurry to get to the mail box. This month, it is way more exciting.  On Wednesday night when I got home from work I found these beautiful blocks from Theri. Thanks Theri, love the Texas logo.

On Friday when I got home from work I found a cute box with my mail. I got these pretty blocks from Liri and

some extra goodies too. Thank you Liri. I have some plans for the Illinois block.

Yesterday, I found another package in my mail box. This one from Ann. She sent these  beautiful blocks and
more extra goodies. Thank you Ann, I have sarted reading the magazine.

I just need to sign my blocks and they will go out tomorrow morning.

I did put together a leader and ender project that I have had in progress for a long time. It is from Terry Atkinson's book  Allegro.

I am nearly done with a couple of other projects, so hopefully I will have more photos soon.

Keep stitching

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More mail

My daughter walks in with the mail the other day and says "Why are you getting so many big envelopes all of a sudden?"  I laughed, cause I have told her about the block I told her I was getting bocks this month and then she asked to see them. So I showed her. She was impressed! Me too.
I got this package from Ruth, thanks Ruth pretty blocks and extra goodies too.

I go this package from Marsha, thanks Marsha for the pretty blocks and the ornament.

This package came from Christine, Thanks for the beautiful blocks.

I did finish my blocks for Snowbound. These little snowmen are so much fun to do. I can't wait to get the quilt done so that I can embellish some of the blocks.

Still planning meals and trying to cook healthy for the family. Tha favorites this week coucous tacos (with tofu) and spinach roll ups ( rolled in a lasagna noodle). Have I mentioned that it is hard to find vegetarian stuff that I like???? I do not like those tacos, but the DD and DH love them. Oh well...

I better get a move on, I have to work today. More later!
Happy sewing.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh happy day

After I posted yesterday I was wandering around the house thinking about eveything I needed to do when the door bell rang. It was the Mail!!!! THREE packages!  So exciting. Here is what I found.
From Joanne beautiful blue blocks, thank you

From Kathleen these great green blocks and some fabrics (notice the tatoo fabric) thank you

From Katie the wonderful blocks, the fob, the flower pincushion and a tasty treat, thank you Katie.

This swap has been so much fun that actually getting blocks seems like a bonus. I'll keep you posted on new arrivals.
Happ stitching!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do you ever go through times when it seems you are very busy, but have nothing to show for it? I think I am having one of those times. I guess it is partly because I have been working some extra hours at the shop.  The boss was off on vacation so we all cover for her and keep things going. Of course she always leaves us lists of things to do. LOL.

The other thing taking up my time is cooking. I really am not a fan of the planning, cooking and cleaning up. It takes up too much of my sewing time. I slowly moved  away from making proper meals and depended on quick fixes. I am now trying to plan out meals and cook everyday or most days anyway. My family is happy with my plan so far. The highlights so far, pasta carbonara, mini spinach fritattas, and pesto pizza.

I posted in June that I was going to see Bonnie Hunter at our guild meeting. Well I did and she is warm and friendly and funny and wonderful. Her trunk show was so much fun to see. Now I have to tell you that she is also a crazy woman. She never sits down. Someone asked her if she ever sleeps. She laughed, do you think that is a yes or a no?? If you haven't checked out her website you really should there are tons of free quilt patterns on there as well as a link to her blog.  The site is All of her quilts are scrap quilts, so if your scrap basket is overflowing....

I finished another quilt on the frame. The pattern is baby bricks. I got the pattern at a quilt show a few years ago along with a bundle of pastel fabrics. I ended up having enough fabric to make two baby quilts from the bundle and I have made two more from scraps. It is quick and easy and a great way to use up some smaller scraps.

I am working on two more scrap quilts. I first heard of leaders and enders on APQ blogs and I started working with some scraps then.  I have all the blocks done for one of the quilts and I am almost done with the blocks for another. I have to find another leader and ender project fast!

I didn't end up starting my swap blocks back when I said I was going I have the fabric pulled and I better get going on them. Off to sew now.
Happy stitching.