Monday, July 25, 2011

So what's new?

These days the time is going so fast I can hardly keep up. I have been working s few extra hours at the quilt shop, going to Physical Therapy for my neck, and coordinating the raffle quilt travels for our upcoming quilt show. Still seems like I should be able to get more done than I do. Do you have that problem?

I did my demo at the store and it went well. So well that I still do not have my samples back. Maybe I will try and remember to take my camera to the store and take photos there so I can show you all the fun I had. I am still working on another demo (half done,  but it is the easy part that is done).

As I mentioned, I am coordinating the travels for the guild's raffle quilt and doll. The guild has a show every other year. At the show we raffle off a quilt and an American Girl doll. The quilt this year is called nearly 100 because 99 of us worked on it. If I can get DD to hold it up for me I will get a photo. The doll comes with a huge wardrobe created by the guild members. She also comes with a bed, a rack to hang her clothes on, and usually a three drawer (plastic) storage cart to hold all her stuff. The bed and rack were made by hand this year by a guild hubby. It is always fun to see all the clothes the doll ends up with.  It has been a challenge at times to find volunteers to take the raffle items to a venue and sell tickets. Usually if I can't find anyone, one of the quilt show committee members takes them.  I have had a chance to see some fun shops while selling tickets.

I have been trying to get some quilts finished, you know...really finished not just a top. This is my pile to bind and I have the bindings all ready. Maybe today is a good day to get some stitched on by machine then I can hand sew whenever I have a chance.

I am also working on my BOM. The wool ones  for the month :

and the pattern that I won:

I have been doing a mystery quilt on the Pat Sloan forum. It was designed by Pat Sloan with Emilie Richards and goes along with Emilie's books Happiness Key, Fortunate Harbor, and Sunset Bridge. The books are great. I couldn't put them down. The  quilt is fun too. Here is my top.

There are lots more on the Flickr page,

Happy sewing and try to say cool.