Sunday, June 22, 2014

Walking in Los Angeles

I spent time with my sister in South Gate and I spent some time with my DD in LA.  My DD wanted to take me somewhere that I would enjoy so we went to a sewing shop. It turns out the shop was only 3 miles from DD's apartment. The shop really specializes in garment sewing, but it was a good visit because DD has been wanting to learn to sew. We had a great time talking to the owner of the shop. Before we left my DD signed up for the beginner class where she will learn to use her machine and about the basic notions. She will also make a tote bag. She is really excited and I am too.

On another visit with DD we went to downtown LA. Our first stop, my DD's favorite shop...The last Bookstore. It is crazy in there. On the main floor it is like a regular, orderly book store. Upstairs is full of fun stuff. First of all there are no straight rows of books. All the bookcases are on angles to make a kind of maze through the books. There is an old vault with mysteries in it. There is an arch made out of books. And my favorite, the section where the books are arranged by color. It seriously looked like a fabric shop to me.
The arch

The colorized books

There is a small yarn shop up on the second floor too. And above the hall outside the shop is this amazing piece.

Along one side of the building there are small galleries with local artist's art on display. Lots of fun in one place.

 We walked through the historic district. We wandered down to the fashion district too. As we headed back toward Angel flight, my DD asked if we could go to a vintage resale shop that she follows on instagram. She googled the address and we were really close so we went to look for it. We couldn't find the shop, but as we were looking DD saw the owner walking to the post office. We went back the way we had come and looked again. Still no luck. Just then, the shop owner passed us and I said we will follow her. We did. DD found a really cute dress and some black shorts.

After walking several blocks,and up a giant hill and back down it, we found out the Angel flight was closed. :(  It is a trolley up a big hill with a park at the top. DD was so excited to show me the park that I walked up the million steps to see the park. Which was also closed. I needed oxygen.

Our last stop of the day was a foot massage in Chinatown. DD always wanted to go get a foot massage, but felt strange going alone. (This from the girl who packed her stuff and moved to LA. Without me.) Turns out they soak your feet while they massage your head and neck and arms. Then they do the feet and legs. Finally they have you lay face down and do some stretching on the back and arms. This lasts for an hour and costs $20.00. REALLY!!! It was awesome.

What a day.


  1. Sounds like a very fun day with lots of places to explore with your DD. Can't believe you got a one hour massage for $20! That would feel good right about now.

  2. What a lot of neat place to visit! That bookstore looks like a lot of fun, though I'm not sure how they'd like me if I wanted one of the books in the arc...

  3. Lots of interesting places there, right? Glad you got to share several of them with you DD. I've never seen a book store like that! ---"Love"

  4. So many wonderful experiences. The *foot* massage was a bargain. What a treat!

  5. What a great treat to spend so much wonderful time with your daughter! Sounds like you had a ton of fun and that massage sounds great!

  6. Sounds like a great trip! I love the bookstore. It's fun to go to inspiring places. thanks for sharing.

  7. The foot massage sounds like a great way to end the day!

  8. I love that book store! what fun, sounds like a great trip.

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