Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunset at the beach

One evening my sister and I headed to Huntington Beach. The plan was really just a drive down Pacific Coast Highway  (or PCH). As we got along Huntington Beach there was a lot of parking so we decided to park and take a walk.

We got out and started to look out at the beautiful water. It looked like we couldn't get down to the water from where we parked unless we took up rock climbing. (Have I mentioned that I am a klutz?) The sun was getting lower in the sky and we just kept walking and enjoying the view.

As we traveled down the path we saw that we could get down to the beach. Yeah.  And it was a dog beach too, so we saw lots of dogs playing in the sand.

I had to put my toes in the sand.

I wanted to put my feet into the water so I went closer. One wave came and washed over my feet. It felt so good. Another wave came and washed over my feet. Then my sister called my name and I turned around for a second, looking back at the ocean in time to see a bigger wave coming. I managed to move a bit, but I still got wet up to my thighs. In jean shorts.  That does not feel good like waves on your feet let me tell you.  My sister laughed and got my picture, which is still on her phone.
Now it was her turn to get her feet wet. Ha ha ha she got hit by a big wave too. She had on Capris. Now we were wet, and it was cool by the water so we started back toward the car.

That is when we saw this sign:

Between being wet, and that silly sign we laughed all the way back to the car.

Happy stitching


  1. Sounds like a couple of kids having lots of fun at the beach! *giggle*! Then giggle some more! Believe me, Life is too LONG not to enjoy it along the way! ---"Love"

  2. A fine time was had by all! The beach brings out the child in all of us I think.

  3. I love the sign. Useful graffiti! It's great you found a way down to the water that didn't require rock climbing, too. I saw a lot of Lake Michigan this week, which is tiny compared to an ocean, but never got out and got my toes into it, so I'm a little jealous! The photos are beautiful, too.

  4. Looks like a great time. I think I would like to experience the beach... the city, not so much.