Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tension and other things

I started sewing early this morning and I wore out my machine! All of a sudden I started having some kind of tension problem. Man I hate when that happens. I am sure the poor baby needs cleaning, but the quilt shop where I got my machine is no longer in business. I have a Viking and the Jo-Ann's near me sells and services Vikings, but one of the customers where I work took her machine in and they told her it would be a month before she gets it back. No way! I simply can not live that long without the sewing machine. ( What would my sewing table look like by then!!??)
Luckily I do have another machine. I have an inexpensive Brother that I got because it has the blanket stitch on it. I have used it only once or twice because it takes me so long to get used to a machine that I just feel more comfortable on my Viking. Today the little Brother and I are getting acquainted. So far so good.

I don't know if you remember, but I mentioned a while back that I was in two BOM programs last year. You saw the Fiesta. Today I worked on the other one, Ode to the 30's by Lori Smith. I have the blocks together, just need to get some fabric for the borders and get them on.

I worked on my swap blocks and I just need to get the framing on them and they will be done. I also finished one of the bags that was on my cutting table. I confess that I put away a couple of the projects so it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

I work tomorrow and Thursday I have to take my older daughter to the hospital for an injection in her back. Sadly, the surgery she had in October did not take care of all of her pain. Please send her good thoughts on Thursday, she needs  them.

Have a good rest of the week and happy stitching


  1. I'm so glad you and the Brother can get acquainted while the Vikig gets maintenance. A month without a machine could result in severe withdrawal pangs.
    Your Ode to the 30s BOM quilt seems to have more than 12 blocks. Was it a single year? :) You've invested quite a bit of careful work there. I'll look forward to pictures of the finished quilt.
    Your swap block are fantastic. Your fabrics are just yelling out "fun"!
    Good thoughts are winging your daughter's way. I hope she gets some relief.

  2. You are showing more pretty swap blocks; they are so cheerful! What an accomplishment your Ode to the 30's is. Looks like a lot of tiny work to me! It is so special. Hope your machine repair will not be delayed or too expensive, but most of all, I hope your daughter gets relief! ---"Love"

  3. When I had a problem with my machine, I went to the local JoAnn's and they were going to ship it off to Arizona to get fixed! (Guess that would explain the month!) So I hunted down a local shop and took it there.. it was an hour drive there but like you I couldn't face going that long without my machine! Glad to see that a little hitch like learning your little Brother hasn't slowed down your productivity at all. :) Theri

  4. I'm sorry to hear you machine is sick. I hope you find a good doctor to fix her right up! Your swap blocks look great - very fun colors. I hope this injection helps your daughter feel a lot better.

  5. Your blocks are so colorful! Aren't we going to have a wonderful assortment of fabrics in our swap? Love your projects--they all look so cheerful. As for your Viking, have you checked at the Husqvarna/Viking site online for an independent dealer? I take mine to a dealer about 75 minutes away from my home. Viking appears to be shipping machines for repair to their facility in Kentucky (maybe Tenn?) these days, but I want a technician I can see & talk to. Best of luck and aren't you glad you had that second machine on hand? Mary

  6. I sure hope your daughter gets some relief Beth. My thoughts and best wishes are for her. Your 1930s quilt is fabulous and your swap blocks look terrific! That's a cute little bag. Is it your own design or a pattern? Have fun making friends again with your Brother....(ah, that kinda doesn't sound right...but you know what I mean, right?) Ann :-)

  7. The 30's quilt is really stunning!! Great work! I hope everything goes well for your daughter. I'll keep her in my thoughts. Oh and I hope your sewing machine feels better soon too! Your blocks are looking great :) Christine

  8. Hi, Beth....you signed onto my blog and left a comment but you have no email there for me to reply, so I'm posting here. I wanted to give you the link for the Downy Quilts for Kids program...and you can then look and see if you want to help the program by requesting a kit. Here is the link: