Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bits and pieces

Yesterday I taught the second session of the beginning quilting class. Two of my students left with completed tops! (I am not even going to go into the fact that I left the camera at home again) and the other student elected to make her quilt much bigger, so she had all of her blocks together in rows and four rows sewn together. It was really fun working with them. They wanted to know when the class will be to quilt their tops. I guess the boss better get someone else to do that class because you all know how many unquilted tops I have stuffed into my sewing room. LOL

I have worked on my BOM from the store. My wool block is done. I cut the fabric for my swap blocks. I finished a purse. I cut some other fabric for a couple of quilts from some old fabric that has been hanging around here too long. I am very afraid that I am going to have to join the Snowbound BOM, those snowmen are so darn cute. I have tried to resist, but I don't think that I can ( I think I might know why I don't get my tops quilted...LOL).

Both of my girls were here this evening and it is the hubby's day off, so we had a rare occasion, a family dinner.Even more rare I cooked. The girls are vegetarians so it is always a challenge to feed everyone. I made matzo ball soup one pot with chicken stock for us and one pot with veggie stock for them. We also had "fake" chicken strips ( textured protien), mashed potatoes and steamed peas.

Enough for now. Happy sewing everyone. Photos soon.


  1. Sounds like your class went well and everyone made great progress. Makes you feel good!

    The little snowmen are adorable and so much fun to put together. It is a real chance to get creative. Even if you don't get to them right away you can download the patterns to your computer or print them out for a future project. They are just too darn cute to let them go.

    The family dinner sounds nice. Our kids are spread out all over the place so we will probably never have everyone here at the same time. They are in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin and the last one about to move to Florida. That gives us some nice places to visit, though!

  2. It's wonderful that your class enjoyed themselves. You must be delighted to see them so happy witht heir progress. I'm thinking of becoming someone with lots of quilts tops left unquilted. I like the sound of that. That way I could get through my list and when it's exhausted I can go back and catch up with the quilting. That's how it works, right? Ann :-)

  3. Family dinners are pretty rare around here too! Also getting to be very rare are "quilted" quilt tops! I've got to stop starting new tops, and get some older ones quilted somehow! Sounds like your students were taught well the addictions of quilting! *giggle* ---"Love"

  4. Very productive!! It sounds like your class is going great. Quilting is also not my forte!! I've never heard of textured protein before. Must be an interesting soup! :) Christine

  5. Sitting down to dinner with everyone is what this day and age needs;)
    When my hubby and I were strict veggie-tarians, cooking was a pain, much less going over to eat at anyone else's place;) I am sure your girls loved the consideration;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. Thank you so much for your well wishes!! That's awesome that you were an OB nurse. I'm sure you've seen many faces like my husband's and mine- terrified and excited :)Christine

  7. Sounds like your class went well and I'm sure you could teach them to quilt the top. After all these years (8) the tops still intimidate me. Don't feel bad that you forgot your camera, I forgot thread for the diaper bag and quilt. DAAAAA! So back to the store. Have a wonderful Easter. Connie204