Monday, March 22, 2010

Workshops were fun

It has been a busy few days for me. I mentioned that Karen Witt was coming to our guild on Thursday for a presentation and then doing a wool workshop on Friday and another on Saturday. Way back in July of 2009 when our speakers were announced I signed up for both of Karen's workshops. They were both fun and Karen is a very down to earth wonderful person.

 Karen's lecture was very interesting. She really has a great way of presenting the history without being too "history class". Just the right amount of information to be interesting and to make me want to learn more.
Friday's workshop was a wool candle mat.We had a choice of design, either pumpkins or gerniums in baskets. I selected the geraniums. Now did I take my camera? Of course not. Duh. I will take a picture when it is done so you can see it.  When the workshop was over I headed directly to the mall where my daughter's bus  stops.  My daughter came home for spring break. My other daughter came over to see her. It was great to have my girls here together even for a little while.

Saturday, National Quilting Day, I woke to SNOW again. I am glad that I had the second workshop scheduled for the day because that weather wasn't going to make me smile. One of the participants baked brownies and we had fabric so all was well. The project the second day is a pattern called "Tree of Life". Now do you think that I remembered the camera? Noo. I am not a camera person so it rarely occurs to me to take the camera. I like having photos I just am not very good at taking them. (At least with the digital camera I don't have to pay to develop a bunch of pictures of my thumb). LOL. I promise I will charge that thing up and get some photos of the projects.

Yesterday I worked on the workshop projects a little. I also went over to guild buddy's house to look at a mega-quilter that she is selling. I quess it would be considered a mid-arm. I am so excited about the possibilty of getting her machine. I have visions of completed quilts instead of piles of tops. Wouldn't that be exciting!!!? I will keep you posted.

This week my beginning quilters have their second class. They will be putting their quilt top together, hopefully we can get them all done. I am looking forward to helping them get their first top done. (Hey maybe I will remember the camera).

Today I have a Dr. appointment so I better get going. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Sounds like you and your girls had a great time together. Glad you enjoyed your workshops; we'll all be looking for pictures! ---"Love"

  2. Your workshops sound like a lot of fun, even without pictures (which I will look forward to). Good luck with the mid-arm machine. I would love to own one...someday!

  3. MUST start remembering to tote that camera along with you...because we need pictures!!! That would be great if you can get a quilting machine. I, too, have tops that lay around because I can't afford to get them quilted very often. *sigh*

  4. Sounds like a busy and fun schedule! It is always good to have kids come home to visit. A quilting machine would be great! Hope you can work it out. I'm not a picture person either. My husband takes most of our pictures.

  5. Brownies, fabric, classes ....what a super way to spend your time. The quilting machine would be a real treat. Keep us posted, Ann :-)

  6. ohhh Brownies! That improves any day with snow. Add in fabric, and life is just about perfect! Hope to see some pictures soon. I'm like you - if I remember to take my camera with me, I forget to pull it out to take pictures!

  7. Sounds like a great time! Brownies please- hehee. Can't wait to see some pics :) Christine