Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have been really baaad

I really have quiter's ADD right now. I keep starting things and then drifting off onto something new. Right now on my cutting table there are three bags in progress, a small table topper that was for a Christmas exchange but I changed my mind and did something different. There is a charm pack and paper to paper piece it into a mini. There is scrap fabric I pulled to make some little notebook covers ( untouched since pulling) and some charm squares to make a couple of sissors keepers. At my feet is a BOM that I did 2 years ago but never put it together and a paper pieced project that has been all over the sewing room for ages. I have a table runner that needs over 100 yo-yos appliqued on sitting on my extra little table. Still I keep buying stuff from the store for more projects.
(It is really dark today so my pictures are not coming out even with the flash. I will post later). This week I bought a new book and some piles of fat quarters. It doesn't help that we are getting tons of new fabric in. I have to get a grip here or I will not be able to see the top of my cutting table anymore, then  I will never finish anything.
I did get a couple of things done this week. I quilted the birthday cake mini. I ended up doing it on the machine in black thread. I cross hatched the background, I also did the cupcake that I haven't posted. I quilted it the same as the cake mini. I also quilted a table runner that I started last year ( intended to be a Christmas gift but, didn't get it done) . I have 4 gold and white table runner tops and 3 silver and white ones. I have quilted 2 of the gold and white ones. The other 2 are layered. Now I am just working on the bindings. At least I will have them done for Christmas 2010! (Maybe).
I also finished a needle punch piece I started a while back and I did a small cross stitch piece that will be a gift if I get it framed.
This week I have my block swap blocks to do (and I will), the applique BOM starts at the shop where I work, and it is time to pick up the next block of the wool BOM I am doing. Do you think I need another project? Maybe I will stop sleeping til I catch up.LOL.

Happy sewing everyoe.


  1. Ohhhhh, you have lots of stuff to do! ! ! I'd have to grab some boxes, sort the projects into them, then pick one or two to finish before I looked at the rest. I have spent the weekend cutting out two quilts and the swap blocks. They are in individual bags so I don't lose pieces. I think the swap blocks are first, then the wedding gift for my nephew, then the one for me! ! ! I also have fabic for three more waiting in a drawer. What you have doesn't sound too bad after all!


  2. Ahhh the life of a quilter. When I started I was like "oh I can only do one project at a time". HA! So much for that!! There's just too many fun and exciting things out there! Best of luck with your WIPS :) Christine

  3. Giving up sleep won't work. Trust me. :) Theri

  4. I like Marsha's idea - sort it out, portion it up and then look at only one thing at a time. Maybe make yourself a sticky note reminder and put it in the checkbook or on the credit card "NO MORE PROJECTS!" to keep yourself on track! But don't forget to enjoy the process. And brag about your finishes to the cyber cheering squad!

  5. My method is to line them up and figure out what each of them needs. Then decided to do one thing on each project each day/night - and then do it. If you feel like doing more, fine. If not, you have accomplished something. Long as you do one thing each and every day, your projects will get done.

  6. I have an idea! Anyone here ever heard of Alcoholics Anonymous? (Honestly, "heard of" is all I've ever done!) Well, maybe we could start a Quilterholics Anonymous! *grin* We could give encouragement to each other on "not" adding to our stash for a week or two. Also we could praise anyone who completes two projects from their UFO's before starting another.
    I doubt that would work very well, but it might help someone. (----Just dreamin'! We all know that some things just never change, and I suspect quilters are one of those things!) *wink*
    Good luck, Beth; don't get lost down under all those projects! Just keep quilting, and have fun doing it!

  7. This is real simple. You must call the doctor's office and get meds for the quilter's ADD right away! Any laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. will just have to be put on "hold". You really have an advanced case, don't you? Mary

  8. Beth, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I think most of us have found ourselves in this position. I'd be having a cup of tea and deciding which project to finish first. You'll get on top of everything I'm sure. Maybe we'll need an APQ WISP to get us through all our projects! Ann :-)