Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lost week

This week flew by in a flash. Actually more like a long nap. I have some health problems so this week involved a lot of time on the couch. Now I like to nap as well as anybody, but this was rediculous!
I did get a little work done on  couple of projects.
This is a mini I started a while ago. I started to hand quilt it, but the black on black was impossible to see. I picked out what little I got done. I am either going to cross hatch by machine or change to a dark grey and see if I can see that well enough and hand quilt as planned.
There is another mini with the same borders that I just need backing for. It is a cupcake.
Black batting is hard to find, so I am using flannel in these two.

The basket top is done. The flash really washes out the colors.If we ever see the sun again I'll take a photo. I hand quilted the first one, I am not sure how I will do this one.
 I mentioned the BOMs that I was doing last year. One of them was called Fiesta and  it was done thru the shop I work at part time. I got the top together.

Here it is. Very different from the baskets hu?
I love the colors. The spikes were paper pieced.
It was fun to work on. Glad that I had the whole year.
 This year the BOM is applique. The pattern is Hop To It  by Eydita Sitar (not sure if the spelling is correct). I think I might have to give it a try!

Have a good week. Hppy quilting.   Beth



  1. I love that mini - perfect for birthday celebrations. I tried handquilting once black on black - silly me - it was my first real attempt at hand quilting and it was such a disaster I do strictly machine quilting now! Good for you for sticking with the hand work. The baskets top is very nice, and your Fiesta is just that - love those bright colours, looks fabulous!
    Hope your health issues are behind you now, Happy quilting!

  2. Wow! What contrasts in your quilts! I love all three! I'm certain I couldn't quilt black on black either! I wonder what a varigated bright colored thread would look like on the birthday quilt?

  3. Your Fiesta quilt is fantastic! I love the design, the colours - it has some serious wow factor. The basket quilt and cake quilt are wonderful. How cool is the fabric in the cake quilt?! Ann :-)

  4. I love the cake. So cute, it makes me smile! The Fiesta quilt is awesome! I love the bright colors and the spikes. Is it from a book or strictly a BOM from your shop? I think my mom might like that pattern and her birthday is coming soon, so if I can buy it somewhere... :)

  5. What variety in your quilts! It's fun to have a project for every mood. All three are lovely. I haven't ventured into curves yet, though something like Fiesta might. Did you find them hard to do? -Joanne

  6. Katie the pattern is from Possibilities by Linda Milligan and Nancy Smith. The web site is www. I took mine apart and wrote on it or I would send it to you. Let me know if you can't find it, maybewe have a copy left in the shop.
    Joanne this was my first attempt at curves and it really wasn't hard, I just had to pin carefully and sew a little slower than on straight piecing.

  7. Great quilts!! The birthday cake is really fun and the fiesta quilt is just plain stunning!! :) Christine

  8. Me loving the bright and bold sort of stuff, really like the cake quilt and that beauty of spikes!!! Very cool. They just jump right out at you;)
    Happy Quilting!!!