Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Already?

Another week has flown by. We have been busy at the shop, cutting lots of fabric and making up kits, kits kits. We are vending at the guild meeting this week, a local quilt show next month, and (WOW) the International Quilt Show in April. We are really excited about all these upcoming events and everyone is busy sewing samples.
In addition to the vending events, our BOM programs are being launched and the new classes have begun. I taught the toothbrush rug class yesterday and it was a great group. I normally do not teach many different classes, but this quarter I am teaching "My First Quilt", a tote bag, beginning paper piecing, and possibly another toothbrush class. It is kind of scary to take over some of the classes that other instructors have done. The toothbrush class was easy because I am the only one who knows how to do the rugs. LOL. Makes me the resident expert. Still LOL. Harder to step into some one else's shoes. Wish me luck.
My younger daughter was home from school this weekend. It is always fun to catch up with her and just have her around for a couple of days. Both girls were here today for a while so that was an extra bonus for me. I am always sad to see them go off again.
Well I have samples to finish and piles on my cutting table so I better get to work organizing for the week. Hope everyone has a good week. Will post photos when I get some stuff done.


  1. Oh I wish I could come to the classes! I'm sure you'll do a great job. Glad to hear you had a nice time with your daughters :) Christine

  2. Wish I could take your beginning paper piecing class, but I don't envy your cutting that many kits! ---"Love"

  3. Sounds like your quilt shop is keeping you busy! Not to worry, they would not have asked you to step in and teach those classes if they didn't think you'd do a good job. You've proven yourself with the rug classes, now tell yourself you'll do fantastic and you will! But good luck anyhow!

    You asked about where I find dolls - the first (December) came from Meijer (from where you live, I suppose you know what that is), the other two from Wal-Mart, though I saw the first one at Wal-Mart the other day, too.

  4. sounds like a really busy little shop! Good luck with your teachiung - you'll do great! and have fun making samples!

  5. You'll do wonderfully in your classes! Don't forget, they (the students) are there because they haven't done the process and you have... For some reason, cutting is one of my favorite parts of quilting. And I understand how much you enjoy having both girls with you again. Savor the time you have with them. Best of luck! Mary

  6. You certainly have your hands full preparing for everything. I'm sure it will be successful. Some of your classes would be fun to do. Ann :-)

  7. I wish I could take your toothbrush rug class! I tried making one last year just following the instructions in the booklet, and gave up in frustration. I still want one though! -Joanne

  8. Wow, you are busy! Your classes will be great! You only have to know a little more than your students and they will think you are a genius!

    Have fun!

  9. Glad you are doing well in these economic times;) Keeping busy keeps the spirit up when you do what you love;)
    Happy Quilting!!!