Friday, April 18, 2014

Pat Sloan is always tempting me

A few years ago I found Pat Sloan's quilt forum. Even though I wasn't sure how  it  all worked, I jumped in. There are so many wonderful quilters on that forum and we talk about most everything. When I went to Market I was lucky enough to meet Pat (and Gregg) and get to chat with them a bit. Last fall Pat  came to the guild I belong to and I took both of her workshops. (Great time BTW) She has so much energy and is always coming up with projects and sew- alongs for us to do. There are also  free patterns  available.  This year she designed a Mystery block of the month, that she calls Globetrotting.
How could I not join in?
The first block: Washington D.C.

Second block: Venice

Followed by:  Chicago

Last year we started working on a pattern as a block of the month project. It is from the book "New Ideas for Applique. I need just a bit more fabric to do the borders. The applique for the borders is traced and ready to fuse to fabric.

Pat is also hosting the free Aurifil Block of the month this year. Come back and I will show you those blocks.

Happy stitching


  1. Looking good Beth! I am behind on both of these! Good for you keeping up.

  2. Looks like fun! I really like the appliqué quilt. I enjoy listening to Pat's radio podcast - I download it to my iPhone so I can listen to it on my walks or while sewing. I've never seen many of her patterns, though. I know she designs large appliqué and I have heard of her Globetrotting BOM, probably from some other bloggers doing it. Can't wait to see how it comes out!

  3. What size are those blocks? They look huge! Love your red,white, and black! ... Wow! what a lot of applique! Really nice! ---"Love"

  4. really fun and zippy blocks!

  5. Am way behind with this comment, but oh my what pretty blocks! That appliqué quilt is stunning. You must be really patient to do all that fine work. :)

  6. Such beautiful blocks. And I agree that Pat is such a lovely person and wonderful quilter!