Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Going at a snails pace

In my last post I promised a give-away and I never got to it. It will come honestly. I need to remember to gather some cool stuff from the shop and then do it. I have done two presentations of charm club that I haven't posted about so I will try and get caught up.
The second charm club presentation started with these cute little kid totes from the Moda Bake shop. They were easy to make and fast too. I also decided that they made a great tote for me too. I would make the top stitched sections a bit bigger for my tote so I could put in pens, marking tools, stuff like that. If I planned to use it for anything with weight I would use some fusible fleece or at least some interfacing to give the bag a bit more body.

I fell in love with this project the day it popped up in my blog feed. Magnets!!! How fun is that? Super easy, but not a fast project. I really like that the charms were just fused to the double sided fusible. Then just traced the letters and cut them out. I used small pieces of the magnet strip on the back and BAM they work!!  I don't have little ones that love refrigerator magnets anymore but I bet I can find someone who does. ;)

This sweet little pillow called to me. I think my great niece will like it (eventually). Pretty sure that she will not find her name on things in the stores. Another fast and fun Bake Shop idea. I fused her name and then hand stitched it before finishing the pillow. The bird is several layers all fused together
then tacked on.

Keeping with the letters and/or name theme I made these place mats. I think I might keep them at my house for Christmas dinner. Of course you could use other words in place of the names. Like Joy, celebrate, eat, drink, fun.....and on and on. I plan to make some with other fabrics for other times of the year.

The last project for this post is these cute binding/hair clips. I had sooo much fun making covered buttons that I just could not stop. I don't think my binding clips need to be too decorated, but they sure make me smile when I see these little buttons on them.

Things are still a bit of a mess here, but at least we can use every room again, more or less. I will post some more pics soon.
Happy stitching.


  1. The projects are great! I especially love the pillow and the magnetic letters. I might make some of those for the grandkids! I'm working on some placemats to use for our 50th anniversary gathering in August. I'll post those after the event in case someone looks at my blog - they usually don't, but I want to be sure they are a surprise.

  2. Cute stuff! I love Elah's pillow, it is so sweet. You have been very busy and creative! Glad you are starting to settle into your home again, too.

  3. What cute projects, especially the pillow with the bird. Looks like you've been really busy. The magnet idea would be great for a lot of things! ---"Love"

  4. The mess sure didn't slow down your creativity did it! What a fun batch of projects and I'm glad to hear your house is being put back together again.

  5. I thought you said you were going at a snail's pace? Did you mean snails on meth? LOL! Great projects and you got a whole lot done.


  6. Awesome little projects you have going there;) Your creativity is flowing like crazy;) Good stuff!!
    Happy Quilting!!