Sunday, May 27, 2012

Market Day 2...the opening

Although we had been at Market for an entire day already, the second day is when the show floor actually opens. I was so excited, I just wanted to see the floor already. But first I had an early morning class.

The class was on hand embroidery, taught by Helen Stubbins. Her stitches are so perfect. She traveled all the way from Australia to be at Market. I have to get a picture of my little embroidery piece to show you.

The Market floor was up a floor from most of the class rooms so it was very dramatic riding up the escalator and having it just come into view. WOW! We calmly made our way to one end to start the tour. The plan: see everything at least once before the end of the day. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong! Booth after fabulous booth filled with patterns, and threads, and buttons, and fabric..oh my.  There were notions, and embroidery ( hand and machine), and pincushions and wool. swoon.  Then of course there were quilts, beautiful quilts. 33 aisles (about 2 blocks long) plus the font and back aisles (which were very long).

I was ready to absorb as much as possible as I walked along. I was not ready for the magnitude of it all. I was not ready for the massive amounts of fliers, leaflets, and catalogues that I would be collecting. Lucky for me the boss brought lots of extra tote bags and gave me one before we got there. I was also not ready to see so many quilting celebrities. (Like Eleanor Burns in her booth and Maryanne Fons just walking the show).

Some things that stuck out in my mind:
the Michael Miller circus booth:

The Sleepy Hollow booth:

McKenna Ryan's newest design:

Ribbon Candy Quilts booth:

A lovely wool on cotton design ( can't remember the booth sorry)

We ended up having to speed walk through the last few aisles just to get done before they tossed us out at 6pm. After another seminar we headed back to the hotel to sort through all the 'stuff'. The next two days include appointments with vendors and ordering, ordering, ordering.
Will tell you more about all that too. Have to transfer more photos to show you.

Happy stitching.


  1. What a time you must be having! Reminds me of how overwhelmed I was when I went to the Houston show several years ago! So much to see; so little time! Enjoy all you can; you can rest when you get home! ---"Love"

  2. Too much fun!! I would say more, but that pretty much sums it all up;)
    Happy Quilting!!