Sunday, March 18, 2012

The rest of the charm projects

I am so slow at getting things posted lately. The DH decided that we need the house painted. So he got a painter. Of course I did not want to do it right now, but it is in progress. DH does not think anything needs to be moved for the painter so I have moved all the breakables and the "stuff". As well as the furniture. Between all the shifting of stuff around the house and work I feel like I am not getting anything done.
Before the presentation and demo of the charm projects I usually show a couple of shop samples or quilts I have made that are not really part of the demo. I was telling the boss about this wall hanging and she ordered the pattern . What I like about it is that it needs only one charm pack, minimal cutting, easy piecing, AND there are other applique patterns included so you can do the hearts, a star, or a flower for different seasons.

Does anyone else have those plastic bags hanging on a door knob somewhere in their house? I do. In my kitchen. Not pretty. When I saw this cute dispenser on the Moda Bake Shop, I had to make it. 16 charms, a bit of fabric for the top and bottom and some elastic. Bam....pretty bag holder.

One charm pack will make two of these coupon clutches. They are so easy to do and great for organizing those coupons. Or you could use it for your electronics that you can't leave at home. Or an on the go sewing bag with your thread, needles, etc.

I think this might be my favorite of this set of projects. The French memo board. Mine is in a frame, but I  think you could do it without the frame too. You use a foam core board and cork squares glued together. Piece your fabric, fuse two layers of fusible fleece on the back of the fabric. The ribbon just lay over the seams and sew a button where the ribbons intersect. You have a french memo board and a cork board in one.

This quilt is the same as the one I made for DD's friend's baby. A simple four patch with plain alternate square. This one has minkee on the back. Super soft and cuddly.

Hope everyone had a happy National Quilting Day. I actually got to get some sewing done.
Happy Stitching


  1. That's a lot of cute projects. It seems like you are getting things done despite feeling otherwise! I'm working up to painting too, but I get stalled at the thought of moving all the stuff out of the way :)

  2. your dh sounds much like mine! lol. Great projects - really like the bulletin board

  3. Where to start?! The projects are all so cute, but I think the cluth catches my eye the most, probably because I like the idea of sewing-on-the-go bag. I do have one of those bag-holders, but I wouldn't call it pretty. My mom made it quite a few years ago and the elastic is already giving out (to be fair, the elastic was probably already 12 years old when she made it!), so maybe I'll be making a new one of those, too. Thanks for sharing such a great batch of projects and I hope the painting goes quickly.

  4. Love all the projects! You are certainly getting more done than I am!


  5. The nice thing about small projects is that you can get so many more things completed quickly; you've done just that, and all of them are cute! I don't envy you the chaos created by painting! But you will love it when it is finished. ---"Love"

  6. Beth...I like all your projects!! AND good luck with the painting mess!

  7. Great projects! You got a lot done plus dealing with the painter!

  8. What a bunch of creating go on;) I love them all, especially the little heart thing;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  9. Wow what fun charm projects! I love the little pink and brown quilt. Do you know what pattern that is? It sounds like a fantastic pattern and I would love to get it!

  10. I love that memo board too - except that it's too pretty to cover up with any cards! The baby quilt is precious and I hope they treasure it AND use it.

    We keep our plastic bags hiding under the counter and have never yet found a really satisfactory way to store them - I do like your bag.

    Good luck with the painters. Your DH sounds like a very optimistic person. :)