Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm baaaack

Not sure where I was. Not sure where the last couple of months went. I think I worked on things, but I don't think I got much finished. Must be that winter blahhh.

Without further rambling, here are some things that I did finish. I saw this adorable set in a magazine when I went to Portland for the wedding last fall. I just had to make them for my DD's friend's baby boy. It is a Panda bear hat and mittens. I had a little ooops with the hat. I knit the hat. Knit the ears. Put the ears on the hat. Crooked and in the wrong place. Snipped them off carefully. Put one ear back on and looked at hat. I didn't like the placement so I started to snip the ears off again. Cut right through the hat.
Being frustrated and not sure how to fix a hole that big, I tossed it and started again.  I am happy with it now.

Last week the pre-cuts club started again. This 3 month session I am doing charm squares.
I started small, coasters, plain and appliqued.

I found these ornaments on Moda Bake shop and I had to try them.  I did Halloween, Christmas , and Valentine's day. This is an easy, fun project to do with kids, or even with quilt buddies. It is a bit messy so be prepared.  Just use Mod- Podge to put fabric on Styrofoam balls then put another coat of Mod- Podge. Let them dry over night. Coat with a clear coat. Some wire for a hanger....done.

This is a casserole carrier also from the Moda Bake Shop. It was fun to do. I think I might be making more of these for those Pot Luck lunches the guild does.  Just some charm squares and a bit of fabric.
Wouldn't it be a cute shower gift with a couple of potholders?

I made this little table runner from the book Country Threads Goes to Charm School. I love that book. I love charm packs. LOL These are half hexies. There were just a few left over charms from this pack and it was enough for this little runner.

The rest of the charm projects in the next post.
Happy stitching


  1. What cute projects! The panda hat and mittens are adorable! Love the small, quick projects, too. You accomplished quite a bit!

  2. You're a quilter and you couldn't figure out what to do with a hole in something? That just made me giggle because usually people who know how to sew are the ones being ASKED how to fix things with holes in them (and knowing how), not giving up, but I suppose knitting is a whole other story. :) The little mittens are so cute. I'd not seen the ornaments on the MBS, but my mom makes a similar craft using blown out real eggs and napkins for Easter decorations (she could use styrofoam, but eggshells are free!) - she rolls the finished, ModPodge-gooey product in clear glitter for an extra sparkle and they're quite pretty, particularly when she fussy cuts the napkins. And I love the idea of pot holders with the casserole carrier. I just ordered (yay Bed, Bath and Beyond for not having it in stock...) a casserole dish to be given as a wedding gift and had planned to make a carrier, but the potholders will be a wonderful way to round out the whole gift. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful projects (I know where you've been - busy crafting!) and giving me a bit of inspiration on an upcoming project.

  3. Cute projects, all of them! I fully relate to the hole cutting! I cut a hole in the back of the quilt for my pastor's wife after it was finished and had to put a patch on it! Sheer anger doesn't begin to describe my feelings! ---"Love"

  4. Lots of cute projects! You go girl!

  5. The hat, version 2, is really cute, as are the mittens. I like allyour charm projects too. So much variety!

  6. Dear Beth - I had to laugh at your panda hat story. That has been my experience with my last two projects as well. (Flub and start over, flub and start over.)

    I really like those ornaments.

    P.S. Thanks for your kind comments!

  7. A very cute hat and mittens! Great projects Beth - Moda Bakeshop is amazing. I love the casserole cover. ann :-)

  8. Beth...great projects!!! I really like charm squares too and need to get busy making stuff with your great ideas!!