Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catching up

It has been super busy around here for the last couple of weeks. There was the guild quilt show followed the next week end by the 5th Anniversary celebration at the shop. Both very fun events, but very tiring. I thought I would start back with the quilt show and then get caught up in a couple of posts.

Last night we had the quilt show committee meeting to wrap up the show and discuss what worked well and what could have been done a bit better. Overall I think the show was a really great one! Fantastic quilts. Lots of vendors. Lovely antique quilts for the bed turning. Adorable mini quilts for the silent auction.  And of course I can't forget the book and magazine resale booth. I love going through all the donations and dragging home more treasures for my sewing room.

Without further ado... here is what the show looked like from up on the walking track above the gym where the show is held.

And a few of my favorite quilts:

If you would like to see more check my flickr page. All the show quilts are tagged.

I did not realize that there were windows over looking the tennis courts where the vendor mall was until it was too late. BUT I did remember the camera for a change so I am making progress. LOL This show we expanded from 16 vendors to 28 by renting the adjoining tennis courts and it was great. We had a couple of long arm booths. A craftsman with beautiful wooden ladders and hangers for quilts. Lots of fabric and some fantastic wool.

Happy stitching all.


  1. Quite a nice show! I love the Raffle quilt, and also the appliqued bluebirds! All of the quilts are really nice; wish I could have been there! ---"Love"

  2. That looks like a nice show. Lots of beautiful quilts!

  3. Those are some gorgeous quilts, thanks for sharing pictures. Sounds like lots of fun!

  4. Oh! I wish I could have been there too! Lots of awesome quilts! I love the raffle quilt and the tiny baskets quilt best I think. The scrappy circle is one I'm working on. What fun - and lots of work.

  5. Looks like you had a fabulous quilt show! Beautiful quilts too. So delighted that it was such a success. ann :-)