Monday, November 1, 2010


Did everyone have a spooky Halloween? I will share a dirty little secret with you. I spent almost every evening last week watching the 'Halloween' movies. I really prefer thrillers but at Halloween you just gotta have a little Mike Meyers. :)
I did try to fit in a bit of crafty/quilty time in between movies. I stitched this piece a while ago and just got around to getting it framed. I have so cross stitch, needlepoint, and needle punch pieces to get framed. I am trying to get one done each month, so maybe I can get them all finished over time instead of just stacking up more UFOs.

This table square has been on my frame for weeks. I finally got it quilted and bound.I even got it done before Halloween. I used it on a table near the front door with a ceramic pumpkin, a candle holder, and the candy bowl.


I have been working on a sweater for DD#2 for Christmas. I was so excited when I got it done. I took a picture and then (sigh) noticed that I did not like where the shaping ended up on the sweater body. So I took it apart all the way back to just under the armholes. I will be knitting it again.  I am pretty sure I know how to fix the part I didn't like. She picked this yarn out, but doesn't know that I have been working on it.

I need some advise on this last one. I started this a long time ago. I fused all the 'flowers' and then put it away until I had time to machine blanket stitch it. This year I pulled it out and got it all stitched. I pieced the borders and got the pink dots. I did not have the quilt with me when I picked out the pink and black fabric. It caught my eye and so I brought it home. It is totally different than the pattern, but I think I like it. We are all friends, tell me what you think.

Hopefully I will be finishing some UFOs and showing them soon.
Happy stitching.


  1. The pink and black backing is perfect. Go for it!


  2. I agree with Liri - it's perfect for the back!

  3. I like the pink and black, too! What a great quilt, too. And I always have to giggle a little at cross stitched quilting pieces...something about using one form of artistic expression to talk about another...but it looks great!

  4. I think the pink and black works! It is different but it goes with the rest of the quilt. Since you like it, that is what counts, go for it! I like your cross stitch about quilting. I have several cross stitch projects I have done that have quilts in them. Can't wait to see what else you have to show us.

  5. I think I just picked up the black and white version of that for a backing. I like it, but then again I like "wild" combinations...especially if they just call out to you;) If it looks good, it is good;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. I thik the pink and back looks great. It's a fun print all on its own, and it makes the fun center pop. Go for it! Love the crosstitch and the sweater too.