Friday, November 5, 2010


Thanks to all for the opinions on the border for the pink and black quilt. I really liked that border, but I did not plan on getting border fabric that day. So I did not measure before I left home. Yes, you know what is coming. I did not get enough of the fabric and they did not have any more. I even checked other stores. I found another fabric, I don't like it as well, but if I had never seen the other fabric I would like this one fine, I think. Anyway the top is done, so it goes in the to quilt mountain.

I finished the Hocus Pocusville top, pattern from Crabapple Hill. I love this pattern. I did the embroidery blocks as my own personal BOM last year. I took a close up of my favorite block, the quilt shop. Not sure if I will try to custom quilt it or send it out. Guess I need to think on that for a while.

You might remember this

it is now this. This is from the Teri Atkinson book 'Allegro' also. The blocks are arranged differently. I did this as a leader and ender project. it is so amazing to do a project that way. Almost before you know it you have the blocks done. I need more advise on this one. Border, or no? Any ideas what color(s)? Some of the quilts in the book have borders and some do not.

A couple of little things. This month's Patchabilities for the shop is done. I also finished DD sweater, the one I posted before and then took apart then reknit. Another project done!! Yeah

Happy stitching everyone.


  1. Love the top quilt and Hocus Pocus. I have to buy that pattern as the more I see it the more I fall in love with it.

    The Allegro quilt ( which I also love)I would leave borderless. I would bind it in a strong colour though, maybe the red I see in the quilt.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Awesome projects and I love the quilt shop! Is that an embroidery transfer? I would love to stitch it~


  3. The pink and black quilt looks fantastic! As for borders on Allegro, I think they might take away from the quilt itself. To me, this one looks like one that shouldn't have borders. But you could always lay down some fabric next to it and audition borders...even take it to your LQS and do it there to help select what might be best (because you know quilters are always ready to give opinions, right?!). And good for you with the Halloween quilt. I've seen it, but thought never in a million years would I get something like that done! It's great.

  4. I really like how your pink quilt turned out. I too would like to know if the quilt shop is a transfer. Nice job. Connie204

  5. Love them all;) I like the Halloween quilt...very cool;) The pink one is great! And I love all the color in the scrappy quilt;) I would go borderless on that one myself;)
    Happy Quiltin!!

  6. Your projects are great, love the pink and the Halloween one is fantastic, too. I vote no border on the scrappy one as well. A red binding might work well. You have done a great job!

  7. I enjoyed checking out your have a lot going on...awesome!!!

  8. What a fantastic quilt Beth and your other projects are fabulous! What a terrific lot of projects you have on the go. Ann :-)