Sunday, July 18, 2010

More mail

My daughter walks in with the mail the other day and says "Why are you getting so many big envelopes all of a sudden?"  I laughed, cause I have told her about the block I told her I was getting bocks this month and then she asked to see them. So I showed her. She was impressed! Me too.
I got this package from Ruth, thanks Ruth pretty blocks and extra goodies too.

I go this package from Marsha, thanks Marsha for the pretty blocks and the ornament.

This package came from Christine, Thanks for the beautiful blocks.

I did finish my blocks for Snowbound. These little snowmen are so much fun to do. I can't wait to get the quilt done so that I can embellish some of the blocks.

Still planning meals and trying to cook healthy for the family. Tha favorites this week coucous tacos (with tofu) and spinach roll ups ( rolled in a lasagna noodle). Have I mentioned that it is hard to find vegetarian stuff that I like???? I do not like those tacos, but the DD and DH love them. Oh well...

I better get a move on, I have to work today. More later!
Happy sewing.


  1. What fun things pictured here today! The vegetarian recipes don't thrill me, though....LOL (Sorry..I have to be honest...LOL)

  2. Your snowmen are the background you chose;) And, my, all those swap fun;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. It's Christmas in July with all the swap blocks! They are all beautiful, I can't wait to see everyone's quilt when it is finished.

    Your snowmen are adorable! This is a fun quilt to work on even though I am behind with June and July. Gotta get busy on them soon. I've been concentrating on the quilt for my step daughter and everything else has been on hold.

    Good for you, trying to eat healthy. The spinach roll ups sound good, will you share the recipe? I can do some vegetarian stuff but I too like at least a little meat!


  4. What a lovely bunch of swap blocks! And your snowmen are so cheerful! I'll be watching for completion of both! ---"Love"

  5. The swap blocks are always gorgeous! Love the snowmen, they are turning out beautifully!


  6. Your snowmen are turning out nicely. Is there a layout to follow to put all the blocks together in the end or does each person come up with their own?

    I don't do much in the meatless department, but I did find a very nice vegetarian chili recipe in the paper a few years back. I can share if you'd like. Were the spinach roll-ups a lot of work? My son loves spinach.


  7. Try I have found some terrific recipes there. Your swap blocks and presents are terrific. More goodies to come! Ann :-)

  8. Sorry Beth. That should be

  9. Your snowmen are so darn cute. I know that quite a few of you are doing them. I don't mean to be out in space somewhere, but where did you guys get the pattern. I just love them all. the blocks you received are beautiful. What fun.

  10. Hi just found your blog. The snowmen are lovely.

    Question... what is an APQ Blog Buddy?? Sounds interesting.

    Quilty Hugs!

  11. I'm so glad you like the blocks! Your snowmen are looking beautiful!! :)