Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh happy day

After I posted yesterday I was wandering around the house thinking about eveything I needed to do when the door bell rang. It was the Mail!!!! THREE packages!  So exciting. Here is what I found.
From Joanne beautiful blue blocks, thank you

From Kathleen these great green blocks and some fabrics (notice the tatoo fabric) thank you

From Katie the wonderful blocks, the fob, the flower pincushion and a tasty treat, thank you Katie.

This swap has been so much fun that actually getting blocks seems like a bonus. I'll keep you posted on new arrivals.
Happ stitching!


  1. It sounds like so much fun and all those goodies. Love the blocks. Connie

  2. It's fun to see everyone get their packages. (Though it makes me a little sad that my turn is over.) Enjoy your month of goodies!

  3. It is great fun seeing what everyone receives with their blocks. All of the swap blocks have been beautiful, I can hardly wait for my turn. I have blocks ready to mail, they will go out as soon as the wedding stuff is finished. Hopefully this weekend or first thing next week.

  4. Everyone has been so generous and thoughtful with their swap parcels...and there's more to come! Cheers, Ann :-)

  5. Oh, this is so much fun. The blocks are lovely and the goodies just icing on the cake. What are we gonna do when this is over?


  6. Simply put --- I'm jealous! --- green with envy!

    But I'm also inspired to get back to finishing "my" APQ Blogging Buddies little quilt. This week I did actually write my title that will appear in the lower border.

  7. Household distractions come in great little bundles, don't they?;) You have some pretties there, and some cool goodies.
    I tried to refrain from putting any of my wilder fabrics into the blocks, instead adding little pieces on the side to use at will;)
    Enjoy your mailbox this month;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. Yeah for blocks!! Mine are in the mail to you :) Christine

  9. NICE packages. ( sure to look at my blog this Friday...a giveaway that will be of great interest to you, I'm sure!)

  10. wow! and all the blocks are beauties too...thanks for the visit and come back again is nice to meet you! melinda