Friday, January 17, 2014

One Crazy Pinterest Project

I have been having a lot of fun playing on Pinterest. Sooo many ideas and sooo little time. Of course I don't limit myself to just quilt related items. I have also been trying to get my sister to get set up and check out Pinterest. Near the end of November my sister and my older daughter were over visiting me and I pulled up Pinterest and handed the laptop to my sister. I heard "Oh that is cute" many times. One of the things she liked hit me as a good project for me to make for her. The project : a small battery operated clock with colorful mice surrounding it.  Of course the original link was gone so no instructions for knitting the mice. I went to Ravelry and looked for tiny mice and I found a pattern
The mice were actually supposed to be knit in the round, but I did not have size 1 double points so I decided to just use straight needles and sew up the mouse once I had it knitted. So I bought some DK weight yarn and got busy.

Once the body is knit, stuff with fiberfill. I found out the hard way that the mice look better a bit overstuffed.

Then of course each mouse needed two ears knit. Little, tiny ears.  And a tail that is just a crochet chain.

Embroider a little nose and a couple of eyes.

Add the tail and ears and one mouse done. Yeah!!!! Repeat....
The finished clock.

I will not even tell you what my sister said to me when she saw it on Christmas eve, but the word nuts figured in there. ;) In case you are worried, this was not her 'main' gift.

I will be have some quilty pics to show you very soon.
Happy stitching


  1. Wow! That is SOME clock!!! How cute!

  2. Those mice are awfully cute. I can't believe you knit those teeny tiny ears!

  3. Cute, and for sure unique! Looks like lots of work too! ---"Love"

  4. That is adorable! Lots of work, but so worth it.

  5. Like it very, very much it is great.Greating Ria

  6. That's fantastic! Your mice are adorable! Too many hours can be spent on Pinterest....

  7. That is so cute! Though I'm not sure it's something I would hang in my house... But isn't that frustrated when you pin something and the pattern goes away before you get to make it? Good thing you're resourceful!

  8. Oh my gosh, this is such a hoot! I have to get you on my Bloglovin - I missed a lot of posts! Loved the quilt show pics too - thanks!

  9. I love it! Maybe a couple for my two kitties with a little catnip added to the stuffing??? By the way, I think this would have made an awesome main gift! :)