Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014, how did that happen?

I do realize that we are nearly half way through January already, but let me say Happy New Year anyway. On New Year's Eve day I got the cold/flu that I had been fighting. Like BAM. I am finally starting to feel better. Of course I had big plans to get back to UFO busting and really finish some of those quilts. Might have to rework that schedule a bit. LOL

Just a quick catch up. After having foot pain for weeks after the quilt show in September, I went to the foot Dr. and found I had a stress fracture. I was in a post op shoe for 5 weeks and that wasn't doing the job, so I got a lovely boot. I wore that for 3 weeks before I got my foot liberated. It seemed like forever.

During this same time, DH left for Portland, Or to help take care of his mother. He was there for 2 months.While he was there both of our girls flew to Portland to see Grandma too. He came home the first Saturday in December and his Mom passed away December the 10th. I know he was glad that he had spent so much time with her.

Last January I started knitting for my co workers for Christmas. I made cowls and scarves for them. It felt good to have that much done since I spent so much time off the fractured foot. Shopping just wasn't on the approved list of activities. (Of course DH was gone so I couldn't even enlist his help.)  These a few of the cowls that were gifted.

I am once again joining in on Pat Sloan's UFO busting challenge for the year, so hopefully I can get a bunch of those tops quilted and done. Then of course there are the other UFOs, like unfinished BOMs. Why am I such a sucker for a BOM? They always seem so innocent. Just one block or two a month. Easy right? Only if you don't end up doing a half dozen or so. I am still trying to resist some new ones that are starting up. 

Stay tuned and see how many I end up working on. And if I make progress finishing those pesky UFOs.   

Happy stitching.


  1. It is good to hear you are on the mend! Hope you are back to normal and feeling great. The cowls are all so pretty, your co-workers are so lucky. My way of managing all the fun BOM's is to just collect the patterns. Sometimes I think collecting patterns is my hobby. If after a while I know I won't ever make them, they are easy to store on a disk or delete. There are several I am thinking about for this year but I already have some gifts to make for family this year. Once everyone is married, they start having babies and the quilt gifts never end! But they are fun to make.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear your hubby lost his mom so close to the holidays, but it was definitely a good thing he spent so much time with her. I'm glad to hear your foot is on the mend, though being forced to sit and knit looks like it did you some good! The cowls are beautiful. I've seen a few BOMs already and am tempted, but am doing my best to avoid them. One of these days I'm going to organize a new list of my UFOs and start talking myself into working on them...maybe seeing yours will help motivate me? (Or make me want to start new things...)

  3. Like so many people I know, your family is probably looking forward to 2014 being a much better year than 2013 was! At least you accomplished some beautiful work while you were "down". ---"Love"

  4. Beautiful knitting. This is the year we get more of our UFOs done....oh yes we will!

  5. Well that was a lot to contend with. It's a blessing that your DH and his mother had the chance to spend so much time together. Nice to read that your foot is now on the mend as it must have been quite painful. Yes, I plan on busting those UFOs this year and keep looking at BOMs but have never taken the plunge. Have fun!

  6. Hopefully, 2014 will be a refreshing start for you (now that you are over the cold/flu)! Knitting is a nice change once in a while and your work is lovely. Good luck on the UFOs! I need luck there also. I have a couple BOMs from a few years ago that I would like to finish. My sympathy to your family over the loss of your MIL.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you and your family had such a rough end to 2013. I'm glad your foot is healing and hope 2014 is starting off in a better direction. Enjoy your BOMs! Your knitting looks lovely too.