Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Quilt Show Unfolds

Last weekend our guild held it's quilt show "Our Quilts in Bloom". It is really fun to watch the show come together, even more fun if you are not the one putting it together ;).   My committee of one, me, was the Mini quilt Silent Auction. Thursday was set up day and Friday was opening day. On Thursday I hung 95 minis, with some wonderful volunteers. Then I went home to nap because I knew Friday would be a long day.
Here are the minis for auction

The show closed at 8 pm Friday night. The bidding on the minis closed at 7pm. We start a count down about a half an hour before which usually results in a mob of bidders returning to the table to bid one more time. Once the bidding closes we circle the last bidder and the amount. Then the crown surges forward to find all the bids they won. They take them to the cashier and then the cashier hands them off to one of the volunteers to pull the mini(s) off the board. The rest are taken down, pinned to the bid sheet and set aside. Then we hung 100 more mini quilts for Saturday's auction.  Then  Saturday we do it all over again.

I am now following up on all the minis that were won by people who were not at the show when the bids closed. Not my favorite part. But I can contact people in my jammies, and I did.

Will show you some quilts next post!
Happy stitching


  1. Minis galore! What fun! Not the contacting the winners part but the show part. :)

  2. That many minis all together make a wonderful display. I hope you don't have too many winners to contact and that that part of the job will go fairly quickly. Looking forward to your next post with more quilts!

  3. That's awesome! I hope it raised a lot for your guild!

  4. Your guild must be pretty big to have so many mini quilts!! It looks like a great selection. Are you raising money for your guild or other charity?

  5. your display looks really really great.
    This is always one of my favorite parts of the local shows

  6. I love mini quilts - they're so friendly and approachable. (I like big quilts too but they make me realise how lazy I am.) :)

    Sounds like a wonderful show! Looking forward to more quilt photos.

    Good luck contacting all the winners.

  7. That is a really great way to make money for your guild. I hope you took in a lot of money.