Sunday, September 29, 2013

A few of my favorite quilts

I arrived at the show very early on Friday just to make sure everything was ready to go at the mini auction. It was.  So I wandered around and looked at all the quilts. It is so sew inspiring to see the quilts that everyone makes. Some simple, some stunning, all beautiful!!
Some of my friend's quilts:
Marcia and I did this Block of the month last year. Hers is done, mine is in pieces. (Jo Morton pattern)

She also entered Raining Cats and Dogs by Bunny Hill. I did the embroidery, she did the rest

Jeannie did this beauty as a Block of the Month (through the mail) But she took it up a few notches

Look at that beading.

She also designed, stitched, and quilted this one.

Carol had a favorite of mine in the show, pattern was in APQ I think.

She also did these cute dresses.

I did have mini quilts in the auction. Does that count? Hu?

Happy stitching

Can't get the last picture to post, so no dresses this time.


  1. Those are some gorgeous quilts! Hope you have a fun weekend and don't work too hard with the auction!

  2. Thanks for sharing those pictures of beautiful quilts! Hope the auction went well! ---"Love"

  3. great quilts I love the big house and the strippy star especially~

  4. Thanks for sharing. I need to go find a quilt show close by to drool over!

  5. They are wonderful! Thank you for sharing these images. Such lovely work in each of them.