Monday, June 10, 2013

A few odds and ends

The first Block of the Month, McKenna Ryan's Heaven and Earth kicked off last week. You saw the snow bear and his bear buddies and that is the first block we are doing. I did get the second block ready for a sneak peek at the kick off.

Due to low enrollment, the start of the Beginner Block of the Month has been delayed by one month. I don't think I posted the pattern yet. It is called Cobblestones and is very traditional, but using the shop's bright pallet.

Here is the first row ready and hoping more quilters want to join in. Bad picture, will try for a better one later.

I have block 2 of Pat Sloan's Block of the Month fused. I still need to stitch it down. I also need to get going on block three.

I also have two more Bunny Hill blocks done. There blocks are so cute. And pretty fast. Just love them.

I have not forgotten about the tease on the awesome bags. Coming soon I promise. I need to get some pictures for you.
Happy Stitching!


  1. So may pretty projects! How lucky you are to teach such beautiful quilts. Everything look great. I have the patterns for the Bunny Hill A Tisket A Tasket but have not started them yet. They are so cute, I should dig in.

  2. I like all your projects. The only one I am doing of this group is Pat's BOM. Variety in projects is a good thing!!

  3. OMG, everything is just so cute! You do wonderful work!


  4. Cute blocks, all of them! You are a lot more ambitious than I am! I'll be watching your progress on all of them. ---"Love"

  5. great BOMs. Seeing your Bunny Hill one reminds me that I still have to finish it!

  6. Cute bears! I'm freaking out about having three projects on the go and you have all these. They all look terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  7. That McKenna Ryan stuff...yikes! Too fussy for me. I'd get about 2 pieces cut out and give up, so I know better than to start. But they're so pretty - I am envious of anyone who has the patience to finish them. The other projects are also great. Now maybe I should go get something done to share?

  8. The Heaven and Earth block looks so cute, but I don't think I have the applique chops for it. I like your block of the month in the brighter pallette, too. The pattern as photographed doesn't call to me, but in your brighter colours it could tempt me.