Friday, January 4, 2013

Highlights of 2012

2012 flew by in record time. It seems like every year time speeds by faster and faster. No wonder I always have stuff left on the to do list. Time is going faster and I am going slower. LOL

2012 started off with one of those projects that starts out simple enough and just keeps growing. We set out to have a bit of painting done around the house. (And it needed it). Before it was all over the entire house was painted. We had a new kitchen. My sewing room lost paneling and I got new furniture. Add in a bit of new flooring and some new window treatments and the house looks new.

I went to quilt market twice!!! Spring market in Kansas City and Fall market in Houston. The energy and excitement is really hard to describe. I enjoyed every single minute of both markets. It is so cool to see all the fabric that is not out yet. Meeting designers, authors, and quilt celebrities left me a bit star struck.

The fall brought family together for the vow renewal and reception of DD and SIL. It was a wild and crazy time for me. Two days after Thanksgiving might not be the best timing for such a big event. ;)
The total number of house guests 11. (No I do not have a big house) Total number at Thanksgiving at my house 37. The vow renewal was lovely as was the venue.
Have tried all day to get photos of the bride and groom with no luck. Will try to again next post.

The year ended with a quiet Christmas. And and even quieter New year. Quiet is good.

On to 2013. Wonder what it will bring.
Happy New Year


  1. isn't it interesting how a little house project can evolve into an all out reno? I bet your house looks wonderful. It may be a crowd, but there is nothing better than having friends and family around for special occasions - just not evveryday! Wishing you a fabulous new year.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, BETH! Sounds like you had a wonderful time last year but just a bit busy. Hope 2013 is just as wonderful but at 1/2 speed!


  3. Wow, that was quite an eventful 2012 I wonder what's in store for 2013? Happy New Year!

  4. Yes....time does go fast and the years go faster every year! So much going on with you last year and going to market sounds so fun. Happy New Year!

  5. What a fun year you had! New paint, new furniture, quilt markets, and wonderful family celebrations! When you get to be my age, you will really understand the meaning of "How time flies!" My head (and body)are still spinning after 2012! But I'm looking forward to more fun in 2013; aren't you too? Yeah, sure you are! ---"Love"

  6. Sounds like a busy but good year. Let's wish for just as good at slower speed for 2013!

  7. I've always wanted to go to the Houston quilt show. Lucky you! And I can't imagine having 37 people around.

    I hope 2013 includes some rest time for you. :)

  8. With a newly repainted/redone home, 2013 should allow more time for quilting, right? (ha ha ha) I feel the same way about 2012 flying by and am hoping I can learn to run faster for 2013!