Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Bit of This and That

I can hardly believe that summer is gone and October is just days away. Does anyone else remember being a kid and how it took forever for birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas to come? The older I get the faster time seems to go. Even when I am not having fun. LOL  Thought that I would get caught up here with the rest of summer and try to keep up.
After the demo I did on the clam shell cases I did another demo on English Paper Piecing. The plan is to have a little sew along club and try out some small quilts using different shaped pieces and some tips from Sue Daly. I am not done with the first sample for that and forgot to take pictures of the demo so no photos just  now.
At market we found some really cute hand embroidery patterns. I snuck a pattern home to make a partial sample of a quilt. I did one block of the pattern called "Boo La La". The full quilt has 6 blocks, but  of course you could do as few or as many as you like. I am seriously considering doing the whole quilt cause I love it that much. (But there are so many cute patterns...).  This block combines applique with embroidery and a bit of embellishment. I can't remember the designer's name, but I will post it after I look it up at the shop.

I am sure everyone has done one of these before, but I never had. It is the 10 minute table runner that is free on-line. We did some samples a while back, but we got in some  fun fabrics and we made new samples. I made two of these, one for DD in LA who works in a specialty beer and wine shop, and one for the SIL who likes specialty beer.  They were so easy that when we needed samples for a big quilt show I made 8  different runners in two evenings after work.

I finally managed to finish the baby blanket for my cousin's son's new baby in Texas. After sending the quilt I became facebook friends with M,(the baby's Mama) which is great because we have never met but are getting to know each other now.

More to come....
Happy stitching


  1. Very cute! Love the dressed mannekin!


  2. Love that "Boo Lala!" I'll have to look up the ten minute runner too.

  3. I like your projects and really like boo la la...the border fabric is great!

  4. Cute baby quilt! & I like the Boo La La too. My tables stay too loaded with stuff to use a table runner, so since I have 12' ceilings, I decided I could hang them across the top of the doors.

  5. Great baby quilt - I love that striped binding. And the sample block is adorable - I tend to steer clear of appliqué for some reason (too labour-intensive I guess).

    This year is FLYING by. :)

  6. I love the first block; the stripes are so special! Baby quilt is really cute too. Better stay busy; Christmas is definitely on the way! ---"Love"