Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UFO weekend

Over the weekend I participated in a UFO week end on Pat Sloan's forum. There was a lot of  sewing going on. I decided to work on binding a stack of quilts that have been waiting to have the bindings hand sewn for quite a while. Some of them languished as tops for quite a while too.
I am hoping to get some of those tops quilted this year. I am also hoping to work on some of the many kits, collections, and bundles that I have stashed in one of my bulging closets. Notice I said hope, cause I always have good intentions, but there are sew many distractions. What's a girl to do???
At least I started the year with some finishes. And here they are with bindings done. I think most of them will be gifted. I am running out of room. First up Santa, a Thimbleberries pattern.
Amish buggy mini
Thimbleberries wreath
Charm square table topper
Charm square tabletopper

BOM from Handcock

Red Hats started for my friend
Another charm square table topper
Baby quilt started over a year ago.
My week end finishes. My fingers are tired. Think I will do something else today. ;)
Happy stitching


  1. Love all your finishes! You can try keeping up with Katie May or you can try keeping up with me trying to keep up with Katie May! LOL! It should be fun!


  2. That's a fantastic start to the year Beth. It wouldn't matter if you didn't do another thing but I'm guessing you have your eye on a few projects. ann :-)

  3. You should be proud of all those finishes. You would know I like the Christmas ones and the flowers best! I'll be hand stitching the binding on my baby quilt tonight if my fingers can stand it; mine are hurting too! ---"Love"

  4. That is a good bundle of quilts!! Congratulations!! I've never done one of those forum or day/evening quilting by internet. Do you stay logged into the web site and have live updates, etc?

  5. You bound ALL of those this weekend? I'm impressed! They're a great bunch of quilts - you should be proud. Good luck this year with the kits, bundles and collections!

  6. Good for you! It must feel good to have all those projects stop looking at you reproachfully from the UFO pile! They look great.

  7. All of your finishes are wonderful! Have fun with all of your projects waiting to be done this year!

  8. these are beautiful! I'm glad I got to chance by to see your creations! wow