Thursday, January 5, 2012

I can't believe I forgot

I was trying to get purses done for my DDs for Christmas. One was finished because I presented it at the Precut club at the shop. The other one just wasn't coming together.First I couldn't find the canvas I had when I made the same bag for DD#1. Then I decided the fabric I had just didn't work for this bag.
I managed to get more fabric. (Surprise) And to another store for more canvas. Then I just ran out of time.

I decided to finish the bag between Christmas and New Year and surprise both of them for New Years. I got the bag done. I put them in my sewing room closet where I couldn't possibly miss them. I missed them. DD#2 is back in L.A. and both bags are still in the closet. Maybe I should just save them for Valentine's day. What do you think?

The first bag I saw when a customer came in to the shop with one that she had made. The boss talked about looking for the pattern, but with all that was happening in the shop that did not happen. I saw the pattern on a shop hop and bought it. It is The Trixie Bag by purse strings. I took it in and it was ordered for the shop. At the same time we got in our first shipment of Kaffe fabrics. PERFECT. Here is the bag I made.

The second bag I made for DD#1 last year. This year DD#2 asked me if I could make her one like it.
It is an Amy Butler pattern, favorite clutch. It was published in American Patchwork and Quilting December 2005. I went over to see if it on the APQ site as a free pattern, but it isn't there.
Anyway, here it is, my version, minus the pin or button to embellish the flap.

Happy stitching.


  1. Those are so cute! I'm sure your girls will love them no matter when they receive them! ---"Love"

  2. Will you remember them if you save them for Valentine's Day? :) They're both great and I think Love is right - they'll love them no matter when they get them.

  3. They are fabulous! I'm not sure I could wait till Valentine's though. Hope your DDs are the patient type. ann :-)

  4. No, don't wait! Give them now because by Valentine's Day you will have found 6 other things they would like, LOL!


  5. Love them both! They are gorgeous! It's so neat to have a unique purse.

  6. Beth...I think you need to give them their bags a "because I love you" present!! Really cute trixie bags!!