Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hey wait up! and I won

Remember yelling that as a kid? Heywait up! This holiday season is totally getting away from me. I have not decorated. I have not shopped for gifts, although I have quite a few made already. I really better kick it into over drive if I want to have a Christmas.  Here are some things that I finished for gift giving:
Tree and lights wallhanging

another wall hanging

Red Christmas panel

silver and white table runner

Just before Thanksgiving I won a give away  from Lori of  Humble quilts. These patterns arrived the day after Thanksgiving. I plan to do them as a block of the month next year. I can hardly wait to get started. Thanks again Lori.

I better get ready foir work now. I will take pictures when I get some decorating done. ;)


  1. Wow, love the quilts! Those kits look very intriguing (please, don't upset my muse, LOL)!


  2. I love them all --- especially the Christmas tree! At least you have some quilt gifts to give. I don't have any gifts to give, handmade or store-bought! Furthermore, I don't know when I will. I'll explain in a blog soon! ---"Love"

  3. I thought that I was behind, that makes me feel a little better. Your quilts are beautiful. They will be loved. I still have shopping to do, clean the house, put together some cross stitch ornaments and get to the post office. I also have a full blown cold. Ho! Ho! Ho! Connie204

  4. Love your wall hangings, especially the nativity one. It's adorable! You have been busy. Congratulations on your win! Those are great!

  5. You've been busy even if you haven't been shopping. I'm sure all those will be well-received.

  6. Your quilted projects are all very pretty. Good for you. As for shopping and decorating, it is amazing what one determined woman can accomplish in just a few days, so don't panic just yet. Good luck!


  7. congrats on the win!
    I love your lights and tree hanging. All your hangings are great!
    don't worry, we're all behind this year I think :)

  8. Beth I love the tree. Please share the pattern. Is it your own design?