Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catching up

I remember when I was a kid that it seemed like forever between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now it seems like a fast blur.
I think I told you that my in-laws were coming the day after Thanksgiving. Well....I had a great Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house. Very relaxed day with family. Didn't over eat. The next day I picked up my Mother in law and sister in law from the airport and the party started.  Sunday morning my nephew flew in from Philly. He was attending a medical conference in the city (Chicago) all week.  We called up all the Friend cousins and had a get together at our local pizza place. I also invited some of my side of the family. My aunt, dad, sister and niece all came. It is always fun to see everyone. Sunday night I put DD#2 on the bus back to school. :(

Monday and Tuesday flew by with talking, laughing , and knitting. My S-I-L got some yarn and I was helping her start a sweater for her grandson. On Wed I had to work. While I was at work my nephew's wife and his son flew in to join the party. The baby has grown so much since they were here earlier this year. He was enough entertainment for all of us. My nephew was done at the conference Thurday night so he joined us here.We had one more get together at the local all you can eat ( is there a theme here?) Saturday noon. By 9PM everyone was gone, Mom and sister in law to Oregon and nephew and his family to Philly.

Sunday morning I was up and out early as it was Mom's 80th birthday and my sister and I had a party to get set up. We made trays of deli cuts and cheeses. Had a spinach salad, pasta salad, and fruit. Of course there was cake and some cookies too. There were 23 there to help her celebrate.
  Photo is Mom and Dad and my sister (blond) and me.

Now I am trying to get caught up with UFOs and gifts. I still have two more December birthdays, DH and DD#2. I better get busy!!!
Happy holidays


  1. Whew, what a whirlwind! So glad you had this time to spend with family. Seems you really enjoyed yourself!


  2. What a big family gathering! But it sounds like fun and great memories.

  3. It's so nice to get together with family for a fun time! Happy Birthday to your Mom and enjoy your Christmas!

  4. Nothing could have been more important than all the fun time you had with your family during the past days! You've created memories for each family member that they will never forget! What's more, it sounds like YOU had fun doing it! Hope your Christmas is just as Merry! ---"Love"

  5. What a nice time you had. The great thing about this time of year is that we all get to enjoy family time. Sounds like you had a really fun and busy time. Connie204

  6. Wow! It sounds like a busy few weeks, and more to come with two more birthdays and Christmas to fit in! Lovely to have the family, though.

  7. How cool it is that you got to have so many people that you love around you during the holidays;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. Gosh...I got tired just reading that and think I need a nap now!!! How nice that you got to all be together like that. Not having a big, extended family, I envy people who do and can have such get-togethers! It looks like it was a nice b'day party for your mother, too.

  9. What a lovely post about family. I like the photo of your Mom and Dad with their girls. Exactly what the holidays are all about.