Sunday, September 5, 2010

Falling behind

I can not believe that we are in September already. Yikes. Where has the time gone? Hope everyone is
well and enjoying the start of fall (or spring).
It has been a busy week for me. Monday night was the first full meeting for the guild quilt show that will take place next September. Lots of planning to do. The show is a lot of fun to work on, but it is a lot of work. Right now we are just kind of getting the who's doing what in order.

I worked on Wed., it was of course the first Wed and that means Block of the month. It also means that I am behind since I never got last month stitched down. Oh well, hopefully I can catch up this month.  I did finish the top of the wool BOM that I was working on. I even have the black batting. I still need to get a backing. I am not sure what I want yet. I will figure it out son though...I want to get it done.

Thursday evening was Bee. We had a great time as usual. Some great show and tell. Lots of food and lots of talking. What we don't do much of is sewing. LOL  Just about the time we were ready to leave the skies lit up with lightening and it started to pour. So we sat and talked some more. As soon as the rain slowed up we made a mad dash for our cars and headed home.

Saturday one of my quilting friends and I went to a lecture and trunk show on Hobo Quilts. It was really interesting, the history of the marks that hobo's used as they traveled across the country. This is the club/BOM that my friend wanted me to join. You will be proud to learn I held firm and did not join after the presentation. I just have tooooo many projects going .

Happy stitching everyone


  1. I really like your wool BOM, but I have no idea what to suggest to finish it. (I've only stepped out of calicos far enough to get to 100% cotton flannel!) And I've seen a book on hobo signs made into quilt blocks and thought it very interesting. Good thing I didn't go to the lecture with you or I might have signed up for the club!

  2. Good for you! I'm so glad we are not going to have to enroll you in that class to teach you to say "NO!" *grin* Your felt project is really, really nice! But don't come to me for help with felt; I've never once tried it! ---"Love"

  3. Your wool quilt top is very nice. I have never worked with wool but I love the designs I see in wool. I will have to find out more about it. I don't even know if any of our local shops sell wool for quilting. The hobo quilt sounds interesting. I made an Underground Railroad quilt but have not heard about one referencing hobos. My grandfather worked for one of the railroads and I remember my great grandma and grandma telling tales about hobos when I was little. I might have to do a little research about hobo quilts, too.

  4. Your wool quilt is lovely. Good for you for standing firm about another BOM...

  5. Oh I love the wool quilt top!!! It is stunning! :)

  6. The Wool BOM is fabulous! It looks so good. I imagine the Hobo Quilts lecture was very interesting. You were very good to resist another project. Cheers, Ann :-)