Monday, August 23, 2010

old business, new business

First old business: That photo that I am trying to make a quilt out of is of Jorge Luis Borges, a famous Argentine writer.  My daughter is a lit major, and she finds him very interesting and likes his writing. (I am going to practice saying no, she has another year to go). LOL Borges is still at the same stage as the last time you saw him.

Friday was a busy day.In the afternoon started  packing up DD stuff to go back to school. Of course she did not do anything to get organized. We even had to go out in the garage and go through stuff she brought home in the spring. grrrr. Luckily I brought all her bedding and fabric stuff in and washed it right away in the spring and stored it, so all that was ready. We space bagged her clothes and that made them much more compact!  Saturday bright and early we loaded up the car (loaded being the operative word) and headed south.  My daughter and I enjoyed the drive down to school, talking all the way. One of her room-mates was already there and she helped us unload the car. Then we made an expensive trip to Target and the grocery store and then unloaded all that stuff. Then the long drive home for me. I am always excited for her to get back to school because she loves it, but a little hard for me to leave her.

Oh, I remembered to take a picture of the Halloween quilt hanging in the shop.

Thursday was guild night. It was a lot of fun and a chance to see friends that I only see at guild. The speaker was funny and very interesting. It was Anelie Belden, her book is on dresden plates updated. Amazing trunk show. Take a look at her book if you see it.
 Friday morning two of my friends took me to a quilt shop that I have never been to before. It was a lot of fun. First I saw these charm packs (you know how much I love charm packs) and I exerted control by only getting two of them. I also found a couple of reds in the sale section.

Then I saw these patterns and added them to my pile.

These Kaffe fabrics were right inside the door and they called my name. I tried to ignore them, but I just couldn't. At the register there was a bundle of  fat quarters that were all dots! How can you not get dots?
So much for my resolve to  finish some things before buying anything else.

One last little pic, my Snowbound block. I am sewing sewing to get all my BOMs done before another month starts and I fall behind.

The hubby had a tooth pulled today so I am on "Nurse" duty. Better go check on him before he starts thumping on the floor. LOL Just kidding about the thumping.
Happy stitching!


  1. Love your snowbound block and the dotty fabric. Hope your hubby is feeling better soon.

  2. I well remember how I felt the first time I left my son away at college; from then on, he took himself! Mom not allowed! You will adjust soon!
    That Halloween quilt is cute, and your snowman block is so special! ---"Love"

  3. Love the Halloween quilt. Are the transfers for sale? Your Snowbound is really cute. Great fabrics!


  4. You picked up some fantastic goodies at the quilt shop! Snowbound looks great again this month, too. As for pounding on the floor...growing up, that was the signal from upstairs (the kitchen) that dinner was ready to those of us downstairs (in the basement, on the computer), so your floor pounding sounds normal to me!

  5. Your snow block is fabulous! So much fun!

    You will be busy with all the goodies you got !