Thursday, May 6, 2010

New bag

I had planned to try and make a bag every month to use as gifts when the holidays roll around. I have been managing to get some done in between other projects. This is a pattern that I pulled out of a magazine a while ago. I bought the fabric because I thought it was cute. I finally put them both together and made this. It will go to my sister. I think I will add a button or a pin on the flap. What do you think? There is a magnetic snap under the flap, so a button would just be decorative. I think it needs something.

I am working on a small quilt for the shop as a sample. The log cabin blocks are now rows. I cut out and fused the BOM from the store. I also gave in and started the Snowbound BOM. It is just so cute that I had to get started. I have the first 4 blocks ready to do the hand work. Today I printed the pattern for block 5. I hope to get 2 blocks done per month so that I can catch up.  I also started to put my swap blocks together.
BTW I still haven't been able to find a part for my quilting frame. :( So this is how it looks now. I better come up with a plan B

My cough  went away for a few days and then came back full force. I had to start antibiotics, a steroid inhaler, nasal spray and ear drops. The diagnosis is bronchitis. I have been kind of just hanging out at home sewing a little and resting a little.

Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Oh your poor machine frame! Good luck finding the right part. It has to be out there somewhere.

    I like the bag as it is. But when you said it needed something, I saw it through different eyes. Maybe it does need something, but I can't think of anything to make it better.

    I hope you're feeling better soon. Bronchitis with all those meds sounds like no fun, but hopefully they'll work and you'll be good as new soon.

  2. Love the purse! Maybe a black onyx pin to match the black in the dresses and gloves. If you don't find one, I wouldn't is cute on it's own.

    So sorry about your frame. Were the Pfaff or Viking yahoo groups not able to help you?

    Bronchitis has to be awful when the weather is just getting decent. Hope you feel better soon! Mary

  3. Love the bag! I see a great big fancy black something in the center of the flap. Whether a pin or a button or one of those sequinned appliques. Rhinestones or other sparklies would look great, too. Bronchitis is no picnic. I've had it once and that is once too many. Rest, take the meds, do the inhalers, drink plenty of water and get yourself a coughing pillow. Hope you find what you need for your frame.


  4. Your bag is great, I love it! A black pin would look great or maybe a red artificial flower to jazz it up. Anything you decide will look great! Sorry to hear you haven't found the part for your frame yet. If you can't find it, there must be someone in the Chicago area who can machine a part to fit. It has to be out there somewhere.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Keep taking the meds, get lots of fluids and lots of rest to make the bug go away!

  5. You know that I love bags. This one is really great and your Sister will love it. I agree a big black pretty button or pin. Bronchitis is no fun. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Sorry you are on the sickie list; take care of yourself and get better soon! I love the bag just as it is! ---"Love"

  7. Oh Beth! I do hope all those pills and potions do the trick. Please look after yourself. Your frame definitely needs a little work. I'm sure you'll set it to rights. I love the bag - fabric and pattern. I'm inspired to make some for birthday presents. Cheers, Ann :-)

  8. This bronchitis stuff seems to swimming in the population right now. I got hit with it, but my husband didn't get it (thank goodness). My daughter's mother-in-law got it, but her husband didn't. What's up with that??
    The bag is wonderful. If I was to put anything on it for a "finishing touch" it would be a black rhinestone broach right there on the tab. Not a big one, but just right.
    As for the frame....if it's metal, maybe you could take the bent part to a machinist shop and have them fabricate you another one, only straight.
    Happy Quilting!!